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  • Black Friday Deals

    People in today’s polarized society don’t agree on much, but on the topic of “best day of the week,” Friday wins by a landslide writes Sarah Lipoff for the PopSugar website. The reasons are obvious. The weekend is starting. Employees often get paid on Friday. Casual Fridays are popular and everybody “is a bit more chill,” adds Lipoff.

    For veteran shoppers, the third Friday in November is especially important. That’s when the annual post-Thanksgiving race to the cash register heralds Black Friday discounts and sales that don’t stop at the front door of retail stores. Caribbean resorts are promoting their own Black Friday deals and it doesn’t get any better than those just announced by Laru Beya Resort located on Belize’s trendy Placencia peninsula. Travelers could qualify for up to $800 in discounts. Want to be one of them? Keep reading.

    Better than shopping ‘til you drop

    Imagine yourself lying on a lush sandy beach as waves kiss the shore – especially if you plan your journey for winter months when your biggest wish is to leave behind inclement weather. Instead, take advantage of Laru Beya’s money-saving Black Friday discounts that require you to book by December 7, 2021. Make this deadline and you could qualify for these impressive savings:

    -Deduct US $500 from the cost of your package by staying 4 nights
    -Get a US$600 break by sojourning 5 nights
    -Take U$700 off your tab by sticking around for 6 nights
    -Enjoy the mother of all discounts (US$800!) by booking a 7-day stay.

    Belize Vacation Deals Black Friday
    Sojourn like a celebrity

    What must you do to qualify for these amazing savings? Choose Laru Beya’s exciting Belize all inclusive package that is packed with benefits, including fabulous accommodations and gourmet meals. Your travel window can be any time between November 22, 2021, and December 18, 2022, as long as you make that December 7, 2021 booking deadline.

    Caribbean resorts promising huge savings on seasonal deals don’t always deliver a first-class stay, but at Laru Beya Resort, you enjoy all the perks you would receive if you were paying full price. That includes a wealth of onsite amenities, all of which are at your disposal to add fun and excitement to your stay.

    Details you’ll want to know about

    If you’ve ever confronted a wall of small print when deciding whether to say yes to a deal, you know how frustrating that can be. Not so when considering these Belize vacation discounts. You must stay for at least 3 nights and the double occupancy booking must be made directly through resort staff. These discounted rates are only good for new bookings and you must use the BLACKFRIDAY code when securing your reservation, otherwise, you’re good to go.

    Given the amount of money you save once you qualify for these discounts, upgrade your experience by adding Belize adventure tours or just kick back and relax. Black Friday deals like this don’t come along every day. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to save!


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