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  • All Inclusive Placencia Belize Vacations

    If you’ve ever discussed travel proclivities with others, it probably took less than 10 minutes to see how diverse expectations are, even among people you know well. Some grew up taking family holidays and they stick to those traditions. Others are all about finding new places, people, and experiences. In fact, everyone develops a travel style that is unique. By answering these questions, you can determine your own style:

    • Do you prefer last-minute escapes or are you the consummate pre-planner?
    • Do you insist on a posh hotel or are you happy in a tent if that tent is pitched somewhere fascinating?
    • Is relaxation your primary objective or do you want to stay active 24/7?

    There are no wrong answers to these questions but there is a right answer when it comes to naming a destination that suits all these travel styles. That destination is Placencia Belize, and in addition to finding paradise no matter how you configure your getaway, you don’t have to learn another language nor languish in an airplane seat for hours to reach your destination. Best of all, if you booked a Belize all inclusive package, every detail of your stay is taken care of before that plane lands.

    Stay where you play and save money, too

    Laru Beya Resort on the lush Placencia peninsula is the ideal place to launch your escape because it’s not just a beautiful destination where the world’s best beaches invite your attention, but this resort is accustomed to hosting guests who run the gamut from beach potatoes to “Of course, I want to go ziplining!” Accomplish either extreme or land somewhere in the middle by choosing a Laru Beya Belize all-inclusive package designed to fit your vacation dreams.

    Laru Beya’s all-inclusive package menu has something for everyone. The affordable basic option is wildly popular with folks keeping tabs on their budgets, the Inland and Island package treats you to two breathtaking venues (Laru Beya and Coco Plum Island), and the Best of Belize Adventure option is beloved by those who crave pushing limits. Add a honeymoon/romance add-on to any of these if your visit is to be a romantic getaway.

    All Inclusive Placencia Belize

    Why a Belize all inclusive?

    Everything you need and want is included; delicious meals, lovely accommodations, transit to and from the resort on arrival and departure days, and an assortment of activities that guarantee relaxation and fun on the private beach and freshwater infinity swimming pool. Borrow a kayak, a Hobie cat, and a bicycle, or rent a golf cart. Add spa services delivered to your suite, balcony, or on the beach to any itinerary to enhance your well-being.

    Best of all, arrive knowing that by making your sojourn a decision-free experience, you are delightfully free to do as you please, and while Laru Beya Wi-Fi connectivity is available, this vacation could be the excuse you need to disconnect and put your mind on autopilot during the most relaxing vacation ever. Having chosen the package designed for your vacation style, you are sure to conclude that your total experience didn’t fulfill your desires—it exceeded them!

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