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  • Grandparent Friendly Vacation

    No matter the ages of your family members, they’re likely familiar with today’s buzziest acronyms. Your teens probably experience FOMO (fear of missing out) regularly, and thrifty grandparents know the value of BOGO (buy one, get one free) when they shop. Let them all know that there’s a new acronym on the scene: JOMO (the joy of missing out). Writes Richard Sima for The Washington Post newspaper: “Reframing downtime as a joyful part of life can rejuvenate us,” thus planning a getaway for extended family is the ideal time to put JOMO into action!

    How can your family experiment with this new acronym? Plan a 2024 multi-generational family getaway that’s dedicated to the joy of missing out by pledging to do what’s suggested by the scope of this new acronym: Schedule “disconnect time” to find out what brings everyone joy. Set social media limits during your stay. Commit to taking device breaks. Say “No!” to anything that prevents every family member from relaxing and recharging. Sound easy? It is.

    Where to stay for your first JOMO adventure?

    Picking the place to engage your newfound philosophy that’s also near North America is easy to do when selecting Belize as your destination. Explain to Granny that everyone speaks English and tell the kids that they’ll only have to sit on a plane for a short amount of time, and you’ll get buy-in. Identifying the ideal resort for your holiday is equally easy if you focus on the Placencia Peninsula, home to Laru Beya Resort, where every family member will find paradise once they see what awaits:

    • There’s a freshwater pool your kids and teens will love
    • The perfect beach for grandma and her favorite romance novel
    • Kayaks and a Hobie Cat sailboat available for the most active members of your clan
    • Bicycles for everyone interested in exploring all 16-miles of the peninsula
    • Rental golf carts are ideal for trips to the Village of Placencia
    • And there’s a spa on the premises that guests find irresistible!

    Get your mojo on while saving moolah!

    Family Resorts in Belize

    Families love budgets, and as a token of respect for them, all-inclusive packages can be customized to suit the size of your party and the amount of vacation time everyone has. As you can see, it’s packed with perks that include lodgings, meals, and even local bar beverages. You might even talk Grandma into babysitting one night so Mom and Dad can enjoy a romantic dinner date at Laru Beya’s posh restaurant.

    A current special could also be yours if you book immediately, agree to “Trade Taxes for Paradise” terms, and schedule your stay before May 29, 2024. This special has been getting plenty of buzz because it saves $80 per night. A visit to paradise plus that JOMO commitment could revolutionize the way you vacation, so expect to see a wonderful transformation in every family member in addition to those fabulous savings!

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