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    In addition to being great fun, there are surprising benefits associated with a friend’s trip — a few of which aren’t obvious, but you’ll find them insightful. Suggest Belize and you’re likely to get buy-in from your entire posse.

    What’s it like to vacation with friends in Belize?

    Consider rave reviews from a delighted visitor who invited her nearest and dearest to accompany her to Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula for her 30th birthday celebration:

    “Laru Beya made it easy for every member of my group to book their rooms. The staff was extremely accommodating and allowed us to tailor our vacation to our needs,” she enthused. “The restaurant and bar staff are so kind and fun and went out of their way to learn each of our names during our stay,” she added.

    “For my birthday dinner, Chef Moe created an amazing feast.” It was served beachside, making the meal unforgettable. “This resort is a great place for groups as it has everything you need while still feeling intimate,” she concluded. As you can imagine, the birthday girl won’t hesitate to organize a future group stay for any occasion!

    belize group vacations

    6 benefits you gain as the planner of your Laru Beya stay

    1. You don’t have to undertake the planning solo unless you insist, which your pals will appreciate because there’s less work for them to do.

    2. You don’t have to invent adventures because travel companions will share them. Spot a rare jaguar prowling the jungles of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Witness shy manatee frolicking in the Placencia Lagoon. Converse with Howler monkeys. You’ve got witnesses to prove these are no tall tales.

    3. You will learn things about the people you think you know that delight and surprise you when you travel in the company of like-minded people. Don’t be surprised if you learn more about yourself and your ability to gracefully compromise.

    4. You don’t have to shut anyone out due to physical limitations. Just because you arrive as a group doesn’t mean you must stay together 24/7. There are so many things to do, everyone will find something they love. Besides, Grandma could surprise you by saying yes to zip-lining!

    5. You can save money by negotiating group rates. Staff at Laru Beya love nothing more than customizing the resort’s already-affordable Belize vacation packages so even friends who worry that a group trip isn’t feasible are likely to sign on once the per-person cost of a stay at the resort is calculated.

    6. You’re always safer in groups, especially when everyone in your party takes ordinary precautions when out and about. Placencia is one of the safest areas in Belize. From nightlife to tours, everyone can buddy up to make sure nobody wanders out alone.

    Placencia Belize Things To Do

    What does it take to make your Laru Beya group trip perfect? Nothing! All the components are already in place from the moment you arrive. Impeccable service. Lush accommodations. Gourmet meals and so many activities from which to choose, your travel pals will wind up giddy with exhaustion.

    How will your glorious group trip end? Reluctantly! But that’s when someone is sure to say, “When shall we go again?”

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