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  • Where to Go in December

    North American society was greatly impacted by Covid-19 – perhaps more so than other nations because consumerism drives U.S. culture. But something amazing happened to people who weren’t very generous: Not only did the pandemic make North Americans more grateful, but that gratitude was reflected in an increase in holiday gift spending in 2020 – an increase likely to escalate in 2021.

    Not lost among the conversation on gift-giving is another trend that is expected to climb: Call it self-gifting – a tribute to oneself for having come through another year beneath the shadow of the virus. According to the website The Conversation, more people than ever are giving themselves the gift of holiday travel.

    This is especially true of people who want to start their holidays on a positive note by avoiding long-distance journeys. Where but Belize can North Americans find a December to remember filled with sunlight, the hemisphere’s most pristine beaches, and the friendliest people? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, you won’t be stuck home in the cold if you plan your holiday now.

    A Belize holiday you won’t soon forget

    Laru Beya Beach Resort, located on the trendy Placencia peninsula, is the ideal place to spend the holidays in lush surroundings. It’s also a place where December discounts await those who worry that the Caribbean in December could empty their savings. This boutique resort is big enough to satisfy every vacation desire yet small enough to make certain that you’ll get world-class service from staff.

    What’s the biggest gift guests of Laru Beya receive this year? A couple of money-saving Belize vacation specials available only to guests who time their booking exquisitely. You get sun, fun, and surf in December at rates you’d usually find during “low season,” plus a choice of two options that can be yours by booking immediately.

    Belize in December

    All Inclusive Belize Deals For A Steal

    Belize holiday vacation #1 …
    gives you a raincheck on Belize’s 40th Independence Day, celebrated on September 10th. This $40 off per person/per night deal on select Belize all inclusive packages are remarkable for a sojourn any time between now and December 18, 2021. Chanukah starts on November 26th, so if you act quickly, you could celebrate the entire 8-day holiday on the beach.

    Belize holiday vacation #2 …
    incentivizes you to take your holiday vacation before the actual dates. In return for an early commemoration, you avoid crowds by coming down before December 18th and getting an extended time break: a 20-percent discount on a two-week sojourn; a 25-percent discount for a two-week stay, and if you’re fortunate enough to be able to stay a month, lop 30-percent off your bill.

    Sound too good to be true? Don’t be so skeptical, eager traveler! Enjoy the ultimate December getaway that comes with these price reductions, but timing is everything if you’ve made up your mind. Pick your dates and reserve early. There’s an oceanfront accommodation with your name on it and Santa can still find you if you leave a note behind giving him your exact location!

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