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  • belize is open for travelers

    Belize, Open For Tourists, Shows You How Safety and Fun Intersect!

    If you’re still hunkered down because Covid-19 scares you, welcome to the club! Even seasoned travelers have been experiencing withdrawal systems borne of travel deprivation, which is why this news could morph you from skeptic to believer. Fact is, Belize’s airport and the nation’s resorts have done such amazing jobs of conforming to a stringent set of cleanliness and hygiene guidelines, Belize is quite likely to be the safest place to visit in the western hemisphere.

    To prove it, airline and resort bookings are registering a major uptick as a direct result of feedback from tourists who have begun traveling to Belize encouraged by low infection rates and remarkable Belize all inclusive packages that can make it harder to say “no” when travelers are presented with the facts. You won’t find a more diverse vacation experience in Central America, and we’d like to tell you why…

    -The safe corridor established solely to keep visitors entertained and protected has become a prime motivator for folks in need of getaways that give them a sense of “normal” in today’s upside-down world.

    -Top vendors have realigned their policies and now escort smaller groups to top destinations that include cave tubing, zip-lining, jungle treks, and visits to Maya ruins, all reopened to the delight of recent travelers.

    -It’s possible to put together an itinerary of aquatic adventures that keep visitors on the go from day to night without having to go inside buildings to get their fill of fun.

    -With falling temperatures in North America that impel thoughts of warm, exotic, tropical holidays that restore pre-epidemic sensibilities, the appeal of Belize, located just a few hours away by plane, has become irresistible.

    belize is open for traveling

    Re-discover your equilibrium while maintaining your personal safety

    Laru Beya Resort was one of the first Belize properties to be awarded Gold Standard certification for initiating a long list of measures recommended by tourism authorities to safeguard guests. From hand-sanitizing stations to extreme social distancing protocols, and daily temperature checks, Laru Beya hasn’t missed a beat in terms of its regular menu of tours and onsite amenities.

    In fact, smaller tour groups safeguard visitors thus guests are seeing more of the country than they would have if these rules had not been implemented. Many admit that these Belize vacation specials designed to treat guests like celebrities are so affordable, they are breathtaking. From safety measures to gourmet dining and from fascinating tour stops to English-speaking guides, recently-arrived visitors, grateful to have escaped to paradise, are raving about Belize and the resort.

    If you’re dancing around the edge of decision-making and want to visit Belize before 2020 comes to an end, we invite you to learn more about the safety protocols you will encounter from the moment you step off your flight to the moment you enter your luxurious Laru Beya lodgings.

    You’re ready for sun, palm trees, and soothing beaches within the confines of a resort that goes the extra mile to delight and protect you, right? Sending selfies of yourself to friends and family still too skittish to consider vacationing could show them just how safe you are — safe enough to encourage them to follow in your flip-flops!

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