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    It’s a delightfully short journey from North America to Belize, yet vacationers are still going abroad, and given the diversity of experiences visitors can enjoy during their stay in the country, it stands to reason that sojourning in more than one place gives you increased opportunities to see more of the country and its wonders.

    For frequent Belize visitors, Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula, offers every perk a tourist craves, especially those booking Belize all inclusive packages that allow guests to customize their itinerary options while also taking care of lodgings, meals, amenities, local transport, and tours.

    Now those guests are invited to meet Laru Beya’s sister all inclusive Belize resorts via a new opportunity to book a combination stay that pairs time at this coastal property with any of the other three resorts in the family. Sound fabulous? It is. You’ll be enchanted by any of the pairings!

    Your introduction to the other three 

    Belizean Dreams Resort is also situated on the beach, but it’s located in Hopkins, north of Laru Beya. This charming resort is home to every amenity visitors seek, including lush gardens, a beautiful swimming pool, onsite dining, and access to the town of Hopkins. Choose this pairing and count on a unique experience.

    Belize Beach Resorts for BD
    Divide your time between Laru Beya and Coco Plum Island Resort and discover bliss. If sojourning on an island has been a lifelong dream, here’s your chance. Coco Plum is an adults-only haven so you’ll be assured of privacy and intimacy that only an island designed for seclusion and romance can promise every guest.

    Belize Island Resorts for CP
    Manta Island Resort is the youngest family member, and because this parcel of land is located on one of the few atolls in the hemisphere, the topographical differences between it and Coco Plum are extensive. If you choose to divide your time in Belize between Laru Beya and Manta Island, expect to experience off-grid luxury that defines this unique resort. And Manta was named in 2022 by Tripadvisor Travelers as one of the Hottest New Hotels in the WORLD!

    Belize Private Island Resort for Manta

    Which option suits you best of all? 

    It’s hard to choose! Like the Bronte sisters and characters featured in the iconic book Little Women, each of these Belize resorts is charmingly distinct and packed with unique perks. By beginning your visit at Laru Beya, you’ll be introduced to many of Belize’s one-of-a-kind experiences before you move to your second choice, as described on this website page.

    Can’t decide which second property to choose because they’re all compelling? You’re not alone. Happily, each of these resorts shares the extras every traveler seeks: All inclusive packages, beachfront access, tour, fine dining, and exquisite customer service. Talk to the Laru Beya Reservation Team to find out which combo stay is best for you. The Reservation Team at all resorts can book a stay at any of the 4 resorts.

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