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    Since Belize has become the quintessential go-to vacation spot for North Americans eager for a sunny, friendly Caribbean sojourn that won’t require them to liquidate their assets or learn a second language, devoted visitors don’t have to be convinced of the merits of choosing this nation over neighboring countries.

    For travelers who have yet to discover the benefits of a Belize vacation, a bit of skepticism isn’t unusual. How can one nation measuring just 8,867-square-miles be home to so many natural wonders? No mystery: Unlike neighboring lands, Belize is a peaceful, tourist-friendly country that prides itself on taking care of its national treasures.

    8,867 square miles? That’s a lot of distance to cover!

    No worries. The Placencia peninsula is currently the destination receiving the most attention from travelers, sports enthusiasts, writers, retirees, and folks who don’t want to have to fly more than a few hours to enjoy a delightful overseas experience. This 16-mile-long stretch of land offers tourists so many sites and experiences, they don’t have to leave the peninsula to get their fill of fun, sun, history, and water sports.

    What’s the secret to having the ultimate Belize beach vacation on the peninsula? Booking a centrally-located resort that’s so ideally situated, guests say that they feel like the only people staying at the property. Whether you’re new to the area or a repeat guest, Laru Beya Beach Resort has your name written across the doorway of clean and comfortable lodgings.

    Might we recommend the merry month of May?

    As a “Here comes summer!” gift for travelers craving sun, surf, and endless beach time, Laru Beya Beach Resort is offering a warm invitation to spend the next few months putting your affairs in order so you can snag the newly announced special deal that gives you keys to the kingdom during the month of May.

    Timing is everything. You must book no later than March 31, 2022, for a stay between May 1st to May 29th. Yes, it’s still high season, thus heavy demand is expected once word gets out that Laru Beya has launched this one-month special. To take advantage of this “low season rate in high season” special, booking now is essential if you don’t want to run the risk of being told that the May dates you want are all booked.

    Belize Vacation Discounts

    As a bonus, you beat the crowds

    May happens to be the favorite month of repeat Laru Beya guests because they can fill their itineraries with events and festivals, scuba diving with whale sharks, hiking to the nation’s most notable waterfalls, and bird watching in Belize rainforests is breathtaking.

    By securing a Belize all inclusive package you’re already getting a price break since everything about your stay is both pre-planned and pre-paid. Stipulate the May special code (MAYFUN) to get both benefits when you reserve.

    As you can see, everything about your May visit will be extra special and there’s a very good chance you may return convinced that coming to Placencia in May was one of the most brilliant moves you’ve ever made. No need to tell anyone that you were lured by so many Laru Beya perks!

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