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  • Family Reunion Trip to Belize

    …especially if the destination you choose is Belize, the only Central American nation where English is the primary language.

    Members of your family are likely starved for in-person get-togethers with the people they love and if you’ve appointed yourself (or been drafted!) as the coordinator of this getaway, make the job as easy as possible by picking a resort offering family members a perfect stay. By taking charge and following these tips, your reunion could set new standards for fun and pleasure.

    Tip #1: Finding a Belize resort designed to accommodate larger parties like yours is as easy as browsing the Laru Beya website once everyone has agreed on travel dates. It helps to offer everyone a choice of two dates and to give them a deadline for naming the one they prefer.

    Tip #2: Assuming responsibility for the planning, peruse airline resources to find the most affordable flight reservations for your clan. According to Kayak, the most highly rated carriers servicing Belize are Alaska, Delta, Copa, Sun Country, and American Airlines, but others re-instituted service to the nation months ago.

    Tip #3: Ask family members to put their money where their intentions are! By collecting “a deposit” from each will further solidify the commitment aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents make to being included in the family reunion. Did you know that travelers are less likely to back out of group vacation plans when making a financial commitment?

    Tip #4: Allow Laru Beya staff to play a big part in your booking efforts. They’ve helped plan so many family reunions over the years that their input, suggestions, and help will be invaluable and no translation help will be needed to lay the groundwork for your family holiday.

    Tip #5: Take advantage of Laru Beya’s Belize All Inclusive Package that covers all aspects of your stay. Included in a typical package are accommodations, local flights and transport between airports, three meals daily, unlimited local bar beverages, housekeeping services, incidentals, and amenities every family member will applaud.

    Tip #6: Get tour and activity buy-in from family members by sharing the Laru Beya Resort tour page so everyone gets a say about the itinerary. Remember: Not every family member will want to do the same things.

    Tip #7: Taking a pass on spa services would be a sin! Individuals in your family party can book them for delivery within the privacy of their lodging, balcony, or beach. Send the youngsters off to Laru Beya’s private beach or the resort’s infinity swimming pool while you enjoy those relaxing spa services.

    Family And Friends Reunion in Belize

    There’s so much more to be said about a Laru Beya family reunion that will delight every member of your party, so why would you settle for less when you can have it all? Your unpaid position as the family reunion planner will pay off big time – especially if you drop a few hints that payment in kind for your services would be appreciated most with the group gift of a spa massage!

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