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  • Summer Adventure Travel in Placencia Belize

    Belize awaits as soon as you define your version of “adventure.”

    If your education consisted of tedious projects requiring little imagination, you may envy Breanna Forgione who earned her University of Scranton degree by writing about people who love adventures so much, they go on them often. Her thesis, that taking a few risks is good for the mind and body, is nothing new.

    In fact, people prove this theory every day when they come to Belize, the hemisphere’s adventure capital. Some are seeking a change of pace that’s filled with exciting activities like zip lining, cave tubing, jungle trekking, spotting the occasional big cat or chatting up a Howler monkey. Others just want to watch the sunset on a foreign shore or go for a swim in the Caribbean Sea because that’s how they define adventure.

    Your definition of adventure is as unique as you are. Everything singles, couples and families dream about doing can be found on the Placencia peninsula where Laru Beya Resort has become the hottest adventure hub around—especially during the summer when rates are at their lowest. In fact, you may look upon saving money as an adventure, too!

    There’s no place like Belize when it comes to adventure

    Things to see and do in Belize this summer

    Belizeans love to have a good time and they understand that visitors feel exactly the same way. Sure, you can head for neighboring nations, but be prepared to keep your wallet open because there’s no place like Belize when it comes to affordable holidays.

    Natural wonders form the backbone of Belize’s adventures. Visitors have been known to thank Mother Nature every time they sail over a jungle tethered to a zip line rig, float into a cave on an inner tube looking for artifacts left behind by Maya societies and what can compete with access to the great barrier reef for snorkelers, divers and fisherman eager to pose for photos holding the catch of a lifetime?

    Jump start your adventures in style

    Experience adventure in Belize

    Settle into luxurious digs at Laru Beya during summer and fall months and you have a place that feels like home, only more posh! There are plenty of adventures to be had without leaving the premises, including snoozing on the beach, dining at the gourmet restaurant, enjoying the resort’s pool and indulging in decadent massages and spa services.

    Whether you fill every day with tours or you intend to lie around, discover your own definition of adventure at Laru Beya. Don’t be surprised if you try something new that feels scary at first but once you’ve conquered your fear, you feel truly alive. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before, say adventure seekers.

    “Going on adventures encourages reflection and boosts confidence,” writes Forgione. “Reminiscing on our past experiences, learning from our mistakes and creating a sense of self are all fostered by the modern-day need for a healthy adventure.” She invites vacationers to make the most of their unique experiences by offering this toast: “Here’s to all of your adventures, wherever you may find them. I assure you, they’re out there.” Contact the Reservation Team at Laru Beya today to plan your next adventure!

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