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  • Best Destination To Go in December is Belize

    The Caribbean in December? Of course, you can afford to go!

    When published a list of the 10 best cheap places to travel in December, plenty of readers stood up and took notice. Second place on the list was Belize, an affordable destination in the Caribbean during high season that doesn’t ask travelers to empty their pockets for an opportunity to escape to a land of sun and fun.

    As the only foreign destination among the site’s top 3 picks, editors say that “Your wallet will welcome the load of extra cash you’ve saved by timing your trip for this perfectly warm (about 82 degrees), relatively dry time of year. Plus, the pristine beaches, dense jungles, and inviting turquoise waters will help you forget about any money (or other) woes.” Who are we to refute such a positive pitch!

    Why Belize in December?

    Christmas in Belize

    • Because it’s the end of the year and you crave a warm getaway that won’t cost a fortune.
    • Christmas in Belize is a sacred time, so if you could use a little faith boost, find it at church services and other events that celebrate the birth of Christ.
    • Choose Placencia as your holiday home away from home because the beaches are breathtaking.
    • You’ll spend only a few hours in the air to reach this lush land of beauty and hospitality that’s as warm as the Caribbean sun.

    Where to stay to see it all

    The staff at Laru Beya Resort in Placencia rolls out red and green carpets for guests on holiday break, so you’ll stay in luxurious accommodations, dine at the award-winning onsite restaurant and own a piece of sandy beach on days you’re happy to do nothing more than sit in the sun. On the other hand, if just the thought of having escaped the cold energizes you, these 8 experiences should populate your itinerary:

    1. Kayak, paddleboard or sail off the coast of Belize to stay as active as you like.
    2. Dine on fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and Belizean chocolate. Sample a Christmas Rumpopo or two.
    3. Attend Garifuna holiday events to see traditional Jankunu dancers perform.
    4. Visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world’s only jaguar preserve.
    5. Immerse yourself in dramatic waterfalls, mountains and jungle interiors.
    6. See how many unique animal species you can spot during your stay. From tropical birds and big cats to marine life, Placencia is a wildlife wonderland.
    7. Celebrate Yuletide by scuba diving Belize’s great barrier reef.
    8. Stroll ancient Maya ruins and float into caves that add mystery and awe to your December holiday.

    December in Belize

    There’s so much more to see and do if you sojourn at Laru Beya in December that you may wonder why you haven’t spent the holidays there before now. It’s the Christmas gift you give yourself and nobody deserves it more than you do!

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