Placencia Belize Resorts

Why Four Belize Resorts Are Better Than One When You Vacation in Belize!

It’s a delightfully short journey from North America to Belize, yet vacationers are still going abroad, and given the diversity of experiences visitors can enjoy during their stay in the country, it stands to reason that sojourning in more than one place gives you increased opportunities to see more of the country and its wonders. For frequent Belize visitors, Laru Beya Resort, located on the…

Belize Howler Monkeys

Learn All About Belize’s Enchanting Howler Monkeys

When researchers named the most unique characteristics of primates for the website, they didn’t have to look far to unearth the species with the biggest mouths! Belize howler monkeys aren’t gossips but their name is their claim to fame: They have one of the loudest calls of any land mammal and their unsettling roars can be heard from a distance of three miles away….

5 ways to find beach bliss in Placencia Belize

5 Ways To Find Beach Bliss in Placencia Belize

Have you heard about the “Beach Bliss” syndrome that’s taking a Covid-weary world by surprise? It’s not a malady to be feared; it’s a state of mind that takes hold the moment vacation-starved travelers hit the beach. Symptoms? Complete relaxation. A heady sense of spiritual peace. A level of happiness and joy that can’t be experienced elsewhere and it’s yours simply by traveling a few…

Belize Valentine's Day Getaways

Belize Valentine’s Day Getaways You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Do love and romance expire like “must use” dates on products found on grocery store shelves? Hardly, say scientists investigating the topic of love at any age. Sara Davidson, writing for, writes about how actress Ellen Burstyn’s mom “Met the love of her life” at age 84. “He’s a younger man,” her mom confided. “How young?” Ellen asked. “I think he’s 80,” her Mom…

Belize Where Tropical Distancing Vacations Are Trending!

Belize: Where Tropical Distancing Vacations Are Trending!

Who could have thought that 2020 would end on so strange a note after Covid-19 upended everything about the way we live? Here’s something that could surprise you, but if you think about it for a few minutes, you’ll get it: Social distancing vacations have become not only popular but prevalent throughout the world where 5-star luxury amenities are taking a back seat to 5-star…

Placencia, Belize

You’ll Love This One Awesome Activity In Placencia Belize And It Won’t Cost You A Cent

Taking a tropical vacation can be a daunting experience for your wallet, especially if you watch your pennies. Once you arrive, finding things you want to do that don’t stick to your budget can ruin your experience, but if you read that headline, you know that this is good news for penny pinchers vacationing in Placencia Belize. It gets better. You can stay at one…

belize spring break

Top Reasons to Visit Belize for Spring Break

Why Students Can’t Get Enough Spring Break Fun in Belize Deborah J. Cohan, Ph.D. offers suggestions to parents who freak-out when “spring break” is on the horizon because they worry the kids will get in trouble. Does that describe you? Dr. Cohan recommends discussing all daunting topics long before the time comes to leave for spring break–from peer pressure to binge drinking. But she doesn’t…


Placencia Peninsula: Home to the Best Beaches in Belize

Belize tourism has exploded this year and 2020 is expected to exceed expectations. If you dream of beaches and don’t want to waste time doing research, you can’t go wrong making Placencia your destination. Travel books and websites agree: The small nation of Belize is home to 240 miles of coastline. That’s impressive when you consider the fact that the entire country measures only 8,867…