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  • A Belize Vacation Near The Water Is Good For Your Brain

    Mind if we ask a personal question? What color is your brain? This is no silly query, says marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols whose research into the human mind is unique and unprecedented. It has become his mission to share results of his study, proving that keeping the brain happy and healthy is as easy as developing “a blue mind.”

    Before you call this theory silly, a little respect for Nichols’ extensive research, please. According to his book on the subject, “being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do.” In other words, just hanging out in close proximity to water can enhance your happiness and boost your mental health.

    Is your mind blue?

    When you are in, under or near water, does your stressed-out “red mind” disappear? If you’ve noticed this phenomenon you’ll be interested to know that the transition has deep physiological roots. Water has the power to do everything from lower anxiety to slow heart and breathing rates, which is why water therapy has been a boon to aquatic therapists working with PTSD, addiction and anxiety disordered patients. Being near water even enhances creativity.

    Why stress the importance of learning to change the color of your mind from red to blue? Because there is no better way to make that happen regularly than by taking vacations that give you unlimited time to spend in, on or beside an ocean. Who knew that a common doctor’s recommendation — to relax and restore equilibrium — is as easy to follow as booking a trip to the Caribbean?

    Belize waters define the word “blue”

    Today’s go-to destination is Belize for myriad reasons. You can fly there in a couple of hours (talk about stress reduction!), everyone speaks English and no location is getting as much publicity for its remarkable landscape as Placencia Belize. This peninsula is literally surrounded by water on three sides. Booking a stay at Laru Beya resort on the Placencia Peninsula places you in an idyllic environment that must be seen to be believed.

    Laru Beya offers guests an enclave of peace, luxury, safety and tranquility, all within sight of the calming sea. Additional reasons to make Laru Beya your first vacation choice include clean & comfortable lodgings, gourmet onsite dining, a wealth of water sport opportunities and for travelers who crave adventure, the resort’s list of tours to cultural and natural destinations is extensive.

    Why A Belize Vacation Near The Water Is Actually Good For Your Brain
    Color your vacation green, too

    In addition to lush jungles and forests that make Belize and Placencia awash in tropical splendor, you can check off another reason to add color to your mindset when you set about making your arrangements for your upcoming visit to Laru Beya: You can save some green by taking advantage of current specials your wallet will applaud.

    From budget-friendly, Belize all-inclusive packages to special offers, when you see how many benefits a trip to Belize offers at a time that you’re likely to need a respite most of all, you’ll be convinced.

    Why not ask your brain if it could use some “blue time”? What? You don’t consult your brain on the topic of vacations? Maybe it’s time you did, now that you know your enhanced mental and physical health could depend upon it!

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