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  • Placencia Belize Outdoors Adventure

    If images of camping amid gorgeous landscapes send a thrill down your spine – and if you swear anything cooked outdoors on a grill tastes better than dishes prepared on a stove – perhaps it’s time you took your passion for the great outdoors to a new location where fulfilling your bucket list is a breeze. How about a Belize outdoors adventure? This list gets you started as you tick off your ultimate bucket list items.

    1. Pick the right property for immediate access to everything on your list. Laru Beya Resort is located along the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula coast, so you won’t have to go far to launch your adventures with the help of staff eager to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

    2. Discover why Placencia beaches earn rave reviews. You can build up your calf muscles for the outdoor adventures on your bucket list, so walk the beach, swim laps in the Laru Beya infinity pool, pilot a kayak and a resort Hobie Cat so you tone every muscle. There’s a spa services are on offer in case you overdo it, though you don’t need an excuse, right?

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    3. If you visit between the months of April and June, dive with whale sharks during full moons at Gladden Split or ask your Laru Beya host to recommend other dive sites that suit your experience, like Silk and Laughing Bird Cayes (great for newbies) or Glover’s Reef.

    4. Snorkel and behold. Beneath the surface of the Caribbean shoreline lies a wonderland of color and life, filled with fish, reef, and other aquatic creatures. Pair snorkeling with island hopping and you’ll be so enchanted, you won’t want the day to end.

    5. Fish for compliments by showing off the catch you land during a reef or fly-fishing expedition that takes you to either of your favorite fishing environments. Chefs at Laru Beya will prepare your catch to perfection. Fish dishes will never taste as good again!

    Placencia Belize All Inclusive Fishing Package-26. Take a jungle zipline and waterfall swim or drop into the recesses of Earth for a spine-tingling Actun Tunichil Muknal caving experience to visit National Geographic’s #1 Sacred Cave in the World.

    7. Stick to terra firma by opting for above-ground Maya site tours that fascinate and educate. Climb, roam, and allow your imagination to take you thousands of years into the past when this highly enlightened society built an empire throughout the land.

    Worried you won’t have time to do it all?

    Not to worry. Staying at Laru Beya means you enjoy clean and comfortable accommodations and meals by bundling your stay courtesy of a package that checks off all of your outdoor goals. Review the resort’s Belize tour menu and match your interests to add-ons to get exactly the vacation you had in mind.

    Your bucket list can include money-saving specials if you time your Belize vacation precisely, so what’s stopping you from putting together the outdoor experience of your dreams? In a rush? Use the resort’s toll-free number to make your arrangements now, while the promise of this exotic adventure fills your imagination: 1-800-329-2528.

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