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  • Celebration Trips to take in Belize

    If you’re like most North Americans, your focus on shopping—in anticipation of year-end holidays—is likely occupying a big chunk of your time these days. Buying gifts can be a challenge, say professionals studying gift-giving behaviors, and if you’re looking to impress, you’ll want to know about an emerging trend: Giving the gift of travel. Check your 2024 calendar. If you’ve already marked loved ones’ birthdays, graduations, and other occasions, you may wish to consider giving a trip in place of items on your usual gift list. This is the gift that keeps on giving since you get to go along!

    Why travel is the best present you can choose

    For starters, no toaster oven, 10-speed bicycle, luxury coat, or jewelry can create the kind of memories an adventure abroad delivers, and that’s just a taste of what travel gifts can do for the people in your life. For example…

    • Travel offers learning opportunities that have no equal.
    • Getaways are good for one’s health because nature soothes, thus reducing stress.
    • Any break from the regular routine is good for the soul.
    • The memories made on trips last forever—not so that toaster oven!
    • Relationships are strengthened when responsibilities no longer weigh one down.
    • Meeting new people never gets old.

    Where you go matters

    It’s no fun landing at an airport feeling strung out after a long journey, but folks seeking overseas travel are good to go the moment they take the short flight to Belize, and since everyone speaks English, forget language barriers. Best of all, it matters not when you come down because every month’s a party on the beach, so a birthday, anniversary, or any excuse you can conjure up that’s associated with a 2024 milestone offers you an excuse to toast the accomplishment of someone you love.

    To get the most amount of joy, fun, and satisfaction from your getaway gift, choosing Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula as your north star will be the key to your trip’s success. Stick around this beachfront resort for the duration of your stay and enjoy non-stop pampering, or opt for a “shared” getaway split between Laru Beya and sister properties Manta Island Resort, Coco Plum Island Resort or Belizean Dreams.

    Milestone Celebration Trips to take in Belize

    Don’t want to wait until 2024 to visit Belize?

    Consider planning a “scouting expedition” to familiarize yourself with the Placencia peninsula before your 2024 gift trip. Book a stay now to explore Laru Beya. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the staff at [email protected] or 1-800-329-2528. While you’re there, you can even pre-book your gift trip—there’s no need for fancy wrapping to impress your loved one!

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