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  • Placencia Belize Itinerary

    Stressed? Overwhelmed? Need a break to right your emotional ship but you’ve only got a few days? If ever there was a time to make Belize travel plans, this is it.

    Jonathan Alpert did his homework before writing an article for Inc. magazine that extols the virtues of short vacations over long ones. “Take short and frequent trips rather than long vacations to get away from news and politics,” he advises. His words have never been more relevant.

    Says Alpert, “From an emotional and well-being perspective, smaller vacations pack a bigger punch than longer ones.” A short respite in Belize is guaranteed to make all of the difference and it’s just a few hours away.

    Belize travel offers the kind of escape that’s exactly what you need to decompress. Everyone speaks English, the weather is awesome, getting from place to place is a breeze and you won’t meet friendlier, more welcoming people. Got a swimsuit? Flip flops? Sunscreen?

    Our 4-day itinerary is just what the doctor ordered.

    4 Days in Placencia Belize

    Day #1
    : Relax en route to Placencia Belize. Feel free to throw yourself across the bed of your lush oceanfront digs at Laru Beya Resort. Breathe. Tour the premises. Hit the pool. Drinks at the Quarterdeck Restaurant and bar await. One bite of the resort’s award-winning cuisine will convince you that your decision to take this 4-day hiatus was one of the wisest you’ve ever made.

    Day #2: Enjoy a delicious breakfast before climbing into that swimsuit for a day of scuba diving or snorkeling at Laughing Bird Caye or Silk Cayes, off the Belize coast. Laru Beya’s concierge takes care of all of the details, so you just show up, ready to be transported to the boat that takes you to these peaceful places where time spent below the Caribbean sea’s surface is magical. You’ll sleep like a baby that night!

    Day #3: Head for the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the world’s only protected Jaguar habitat. Fortunately, these sleek creatures don’t mind sharing their world with deer, foxes, howler monkeys and enough bird varieties to put exotic aviaries to shame. Stop at the visitors center before you hit the trails and be prepared to photograph breathtaking waterfalls along the way.

    Day #4: You will be asked to make choices on your last day in Placencia Belize. Do you prefer to visit ancient Maya ruins at either Nim li Punit or Lubantuum or does a Caribbean fishing trip sound more appealing? By day’s end, you won’t want to leave, but you’re going to feel differently thanks to 4 days of sublime relaxation, fun, great food, lush accommodations, breezes, and sun.

    Belize Romance VacationsYes, 4 days of Belize travel can impact your mental health

    Packing 4 days of exploration and relaxation into your Belize travel adventure at Laru Beya Resort on Placencia Belize costs less than a therapist and if you take advantage of a Belize all inclusive deal, you save money, too.

    Admit it: You need this trip more than ever, so stop reading and take action by booking 4 days of stress-free vacationing now at [email protected] or either of these toll-free numbers: +1-800-329-2528 or +1-800-890-8010. Once you confirm your reservation, don’t be surprised if you breathe a big sigh of relief knowing what awaits you in Belize.

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