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  • Family Adventures in Belize

    Vacation season looms and you’re out of ideas. Why not surprise your gang with a trip that has no equal and in turn, makes your kids smarter and happier?

    Do you want your children to be happy and smart? Of course, you do. According to U.K. child development experts, you can accomplish both by doing what you already do: taking the kids on vacation. Next question: Why not make it an overseas adventure that can cost less than many of the places you’ve gone in the U.S.?

    Consider a Belize family vacation

    Sure, you can go to a Disney park if it’s even open—or take in a world-class water park, but your ability to interact with your children in places this stimulating won’t do the trick. Instead, take the kids abroad and save money doing so.

    This is no fantasy. Belize, where everyone speaks English and U.S. dollars are standard currency, is only a couple of hours by plane from the U.S.  and Canada and yours wouldn’t be the first family to consider renting a boat and sailing to Belize if air travel isn’t possible. Belize is so affordable, fun, challenging and stimulating, it can change the way your child thinks—especially if you visit these family-friendly places:

    1. Explore Monkey River with your kids. To entice them, corral the kids, sit them down, pass the popcorn and run this fun National Geographic YouTube video. Ask if they would like to see and hear these dudes in person. Expect to hear a resounding “Yes” from everyone!

    2. Go cave tubing. Safe, fascinating and relaxing, your child couldn’t lose interest if she tried while floating in gentle waters to reach the mouth of a mysterious cave. This activity has become such a fun part of Belize vacations, it has become a fixture on activity itineraries, even for those who don’t swim.

    3. Hike Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. If your kids think a Jaguar is a British car company, they need this extraordinary place more than most! This protected, 128,000-acre reserve is also home to jaguarundi, margays, ocelots, pumas, deer, howler monkeys and tapirs. Your kids will be spellbound.

    4. Roam ancient Maya cities. Nothing in history or geography books can match the look of wonder on kid’s faces standing amid Belize ruins that were once home to these indigenous people. A great way to introduce this culture? Order a copy of “The Chocolate Tree: A Mayan Folktale” and read it aloud during your family’s flight to Belize.

    5. Visit the Belize Reef. This wonderland surpasses any biology class your children have attended and it’s easy to reach this wonder of the world via private boat or on a group excursion. Stay at Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia Belize peninsula and staff will handle all of the details.

    Belize Family Adventure Travel

    Laru Beya is the most kid-friendly resort ever, so your Belize all inclusive vacation experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Family packages are budget friendly, but can you put a price on upping your child’s happiness and intellect during a vacation that brings your family together free of the interruptions that keep families apart? You know the answer. Time to make reservations!

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