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    Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular destinations in Belize thanks to its unique beauty, gorgeously panoramic walking trails and the hundreds of unique species that live there, including the last remaining Central American jaguars.

    A day trip to Cockscomb, located just a few miles from the Placencia Peninsulaa, is one of the easiest and most enjoyable trips available for visitors in the area. Your tour will begin at Laru Beya when your professional guide will meet you and explain the itinerary for the day.

    From the resort, it’s about a one-hour drive until you reach the Maya Center Village. Staffed by local Mayans, all visitors are required to register before entering the reserve. At the center, you will have the option to buy beautiful handmade jewelry, clothing, and other goods made by local Mayan artisans.

    Once you enter the reserve, your guide will give you a brief introduction and basic orientation about the park. From there, you will head out on one of the well-marked trails with your guide giving details about all of the animals, plants and insects that inhabit the area.

    At the end of your first hike, the group will head to the picnic tables at the park for a delicious meal. After lunch, the excitement continues as you’ll head back to the reserve for a unique hike. Carrying an inner tube, you’ll make your way uphill along the South Stann Creek River. Once at the top, you’ll ride your inner tube downstream, a great chance to take photos of all of the gorgeous scenery and wildlife.

    Exiting the river, your guide will lead you on a hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls in the reserve where you’ll have a chance to take a dip in the refreshing waters. Many guests like to use the waterfall as a natural massage.

    After enjoying the waterfall, you and your group will hike back to the entrance of the park and then drive back to the resort. Participants can then regale fellow resort guests about the amazing sites and experiences that are to be found at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

    For more information about Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, please email [email protected].

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