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  • Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

    Think you need a getaway? Your kids may need one more! Everything about their lives was transformed during COVID and trying to deal with sequestration, home learning and an absence of in-person relationships impacted just about every child on the planet. Further, we don’t have to convince you of the merits of family trips, right? Think of them as an investment instead of an expenditure. Children never forget family getaways and the benefits everyone reaps during these sojourns pay big dividends down the road.

    Need reassurances? Keep reading…

    • A Swedish study concluded that children tend to do better at their school work after returning from family trips because they’re happier after a bonding experience.
    • You already know that exposure to exotic sights, smells, and sounds boosts kids’ curiosity and brain development. Children taking family vacations are more likely to get through stressors like bullying, grade anxiety, and relationships more adroitly.
    • Distractions that short-circuit family bonding time—TV, electronic games, mobile phones, and more—take a back seat to adventures that are ultra-healthy and confidence-building.
    • Parents get the chance to show their kids that it’s okay to unplug from all of those electronics, rest assured that life will continue on without interruption until after family members get back home.
    • According to Jesse Florea, whose upbeat columns in Focus on the Family, there is one irreplaceable factor that can make or break the family dynamic: Time. “How do kids spell love? T-I-M-E,” he reminds us. Florea calls family vacations an investment parents make in the future. Turn that vacation wish into reality and the bonuses just keep coming.

    Belize Family Vacation Itinerary Ideas
    Vacation where kids are treated like VIPs!

    Choosing the right destination for your family vacation could be the most critical decision you make once you decide to make it happen. If you’ve noticed an uptick in “adults-only” resorts, you may think that children are being left out of the equation. Not so in the nation of Belize.

    Belizeans adore kids, and resorts like Laru Beya Resort show it. Laru Beya not only caters to families of all ages, they prioritize them. The resort’s bountiful all inclusive package is outstanding. Complimentary transit to and from the resort on arrival and departure days, suites close to the ocean, delicious meals, unlimited local bar drinks (moms and dads only!), taxes and fees plus daily housekeeping services that mom will celebrate are all included.

    This is a good place for intergenerational vacations. We got a three-bedroom suite, and there was enough room for two sets of adults and two kids under the age of 12. Each bedroom had its bathrooms, so there were never issues with bathroom usage or getting ready. This is a small resort; no loud parties at the poolside, or alcohol-centric vibe. The staff was kind and understanding of the kids’ needs with their picky food choices. The customer service was top-notch.  —Tripadvisor Traveler

    While you won’t find Laru Beya staff wearing “We love kids” t-shirts, that’s only because management insists on proper dress, but it’s evident from the moment a family arrives. Kids grow from taking family trips. Parents slow down to devote quality time to each other. And if family members happen to be active, culturally curious, and open for a fun risk or two, add-on tours add spice to an already-tasty getaway. Ready to pack? Let the kids help. They’re part of this grand family experience and you wouldn’t want them to feel left out, right?

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