Belize Familymoons

Belize Familymoons Are the Next Best Thing For Parents Who Recently Got Married

In the not-too-distant past, all U.S. entertainment magazine editors had to do to pump up readership was to feature actress Elizabeth Taylor on the cover. The public was obsessed with her seven marriages during an era in which two marriages bordered on scandalous behavior. Attitudes have changed at warp speed since then. In 2015, a Washington Post headline declared: “Millions of Americans have been married three…

Why Belize is Great For Families in 2023

Best Travel Advice Ever: Take Your Family to Belize in 2023

What do families look for when they consider taking their children abroad? We turned to experts at the Travel Channel for real-world advice offered by parents with youngsters of all ages. Some of the advice these moms and dads suggest may help you rethink your game plan if you’re planning an overseas family adventure. Did you know that frequent family travelers always find a way…

Belize Family Travel

It’s Winter. Your Family Craves a Sunny Belize Vacation!

In case you haven’t heard the news, there is no destination comparable to the Placencia peninsula in southern Belize. Travel professionals, journalists and frequent Belize visitors sing this district’s praises because it’s ideally situated, family-friendly and gorgeous, especially during the winter months. Finding a resort for your family getaway on Placencia is no brainer: Laru Beya is a haven for families who want to see…

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Think you need a getaway? Your kids may need one more! Everything about their lives was transformed during COVID and trying to deal with sequestration, home learning and an absence of in-person relationships impacted just about every child on the planet. Further, we don’t have to convince you of the merits of family trips, right? Think of them as an investment instead of an expenditure….

why families love this placencia belize resort

Here’s Why Families Love This Placencia Belize Resort

Analysts at Expedia Group Media Solutions surveyed the world’s youngest generation to see how this demographic influences family travel. They found that a new niche has been added to the list of Baby Boomers, Gen Xs, Millennials, and Gen Zs: Gen Alpha, covering anyone born between 1995 and 2010.  By 2025, Two billion kids will comprise the Alpha generation and every one of them is…

Belize with Kids

An Epic 5-Day Itinerary for Belize with Kids

Savvy parents know that kids love spending time in nature and that they are curious about other cultures, and a family vacation in Belize offers plenty of both. The following itinerary, courtesy of Placencia’s Laru Beya Resort, is ideal for kids and parents who love adventures! Day 1: CRUISE Monkey River For kids who can’t get enough wildlife sightings, iguanas, crocodiles, and tropical birds are…

Fun Family Friendly Tours in Belize

Family Fun: 7 Best Things to Do in Placencia Belize

  It’s not easy entertaining kids these days. Competition is fierce. From YouTube videos and kid-focused websites to TV series that rely upon animation to keep youngsters focused on the action, it can take a dramatic pronouncement to get kids to look up from their screens. Try this one on for size: “How would you like to take a vacation that’s filled with so many child-friendly…

Belize Family Vacation

10 Secrets to Making Your Belize Family Vacation Fun and Affordable

Even the best kids on the planet act out on occasion and travel can trigger episodes buoyed by boredom, fear of the unknown, unfamiliar surroundings and fatigue. Put them all together and taking kids abroad for a holiday can present a challenge. But savvy parents know that the trade-off of overseas travel for kids far outweighs the inconveniences. If this is your mindset, too, our…

belize wildlife adventures

Belize Wildlife Adventures: Where You and the Kids Are Invited to Go Wild!

It’s sad but true: Today’s child is exposed to so much media and stimulation, getting them to sit down with a book has become mission impossible. How does a parent compete with Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and Marvel superheroes? By taking youngsters on a short plane ride to Belize where thrills come at the rate of 10 a day. No parent complains that they’ve gotten no…