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    Laru Beya Awarded Honors in TripAdvisor 2019 Hall of Fame

    When “Forbes” magazine editors asked the question, “Do awards really matter to businesses?” they were delighted to discover that awards not only matter but give clients and customers a solid reason to choose one business over another. This fact was not lost on staff at Laru Beya Resort in Belize where an uptick in bookings and repeat visitors have been the norm since the resort began to collect Certificate of Excellence awards from industry authority TripAdvisor.

    Having been awarded multiple Certificates of Excellence by TripAdvisor proved a morale-lifting experience that added to the property’s prestige, but more was to come. Once five consecutive certificates were conferred upon the resort, Laru Beya was elevated to “Hall of Fame” status.

    Why mention this remarkable accomplishment? Because it has happened again! A second Hall of Fame designation was just announced by TripAdvisor, setting off a chain reaction of excitement and putting Laru Beya into a class of its own.

    What compelled this rating service to confer so many awards? A combination of service excellence, sensory experiences and a degree of overall luxury that can only be delivered by a staff committed to making every guest feel exceptional while delivering every amenity under the Belize sun.

    Given the high quality and excellence guests enjoy during a typical Laru Beya stay, it’s no wonder tourists are eager to lavish praise on this resort. One glance at comments posted on the TripAdvisor site explains why Laru Beya snagged Hall of Fame status twice. In today’s opinionated world—where travelers have no qualms about complaining—Laru Beya received 587-excellent and 125-very good consumer ratings, representing 93-percent of all consumer feedback submitted to TripAdvisor.

    Laru Beya Awarded Honors in TripAdvisor 2019 Hall of Fame

    Summer is a great time to visit Laru Beya and Placencia Belize

    A recent guest enthused, “Expectations were blown away! The resort is clean, relaxing, welcoming, paradise! The food at Quarterdeck was excellent! The chef went out of his way to honor any requests and to accommodate my food allergies, even making me a special dessert one night.” That enthusiastic reaction says it all.

    If you have yet to experience “the Laru Beya difference,” summer is a great time to see for yourself how much attention to detail, beauty and excitement guests find when they stay at this resort where low summer rates and Belize all inclusive packages contribute to an already-sweet experience. You’ll understand immediately why TripAdvisor has lavished so many honors on Laru Beya over the years and why it’s likely there will be many more to come in the future!

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