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  • Vote Early and Often in the 2022 Conde Nast Travelers Reader’s Choice Awards

    You don’t have to be an expert on the topic of Chicago history to have heard the phrase “Vote early and often”! This cynical challenge has been attributed to gangster Al Capone, the infamous Mayor Richard J. Daley, and William Hale Thompson, a turn of the century mayor who was perhaps the most corrupt of the three.

    Of course, you know that voting more than once is frowned upon, but there are a few times in life when you’ll be invited to break the rule and vote until you run out of steam! One of these occasions is at hand: The annual Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards gives travelers the rare opportunity to pay tribute to their favorite destinations, and fans of Belize’s Laru Beya Resort have already begun to make their voices heard.

    4-Step Voting is easy:

    1. Click here
    2. Log in or “Register” for an account
    3. Click on the “Hotels and Resorts” category
    4. Find the “Hotel or Resort” icon and search for Laru Beya Resort. Done and done.

    Why add your vote(s) to those already cast?

    • You’ll be doing a huge service to the staff and to yourself, because who doesn’t want to acknowledge voting for a tropical paradise that devotes itself to the comfort, pleasure, and privacy of every guest under the roof? Reasons for casting a vote for Laru Beya include:
    • Great location. Laru Beya is located on the lush 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula, the Belize destination that seems to be getting all the attention of travel writers these days.
    • Great amenities. From the freshwater infinity swimming pool and complimentary bicycles to opportunities to pilot resort kayaks or Hobie cats, you’ll stay fit and ready for Laru Beya in-room spa treatments.
    • Great adventure tours encompassing cultural, sporting, and sightseeing opportunities. From jungle trekking and roaming ancient Maya ruins and caves to taking leaps of faith while zip-lining, repelling, or chatting up Belize wildlife, Laru Beya’s tour menu is loaded with options.
    • Al fresco dining is superb and guests booking all inclusive Belize vacations enjoy meals, seaside digs, and extras so more time is spent relaxing than swiping credit cards for individual services. Proximity to local villages adds a dash of excitement to every stay!

    Vote Early and Often in the Conde Nast Travelers Reader’s Choice Awards

    Laru Beya deserves your Conde Nast Traveler vote

    Given the wealth of services, experiences, and fun every guest enjoys at Laru Beya, voting for this resort isn’t complicated, but you do have to follow these instructions: Visit Log in or “Register” for an account. Click on the “Hotels and Resorts” category. In the “Hotel or Resort” box, Search for Laru Beya Resort. Done!

    With each vote, your name goes into a pool that awards one lucky voter a Viking Cruise for two that sails between Stockholm and Bergen. Just as Laru Beya is no ordinary resort, this is no ordinary cruise given the Viking reputation for luxury and personal service – and who wouldn’t want to sail along this picturesque coastline?

    If you’ve always wanted to see Scandinavia, adopt a Chicago mindset by voting early and often because, with every vote you cast, you get closer to that Viking Cruise. Vote 1,000 times if you wish to increase your chances – just make certain that every one of your votes is registered before June 30, 2022. Ready to start voting? Lycka till (that’s Swedish for good luck!).

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