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    We don’t have to tell you that the supply chain crisis hits a new product category every day. From toilet tissue to baby formula, U.S. store shelves have become a game of hit or miss, with some items leaving in their wake bad news for folks who look forward to summer discounts and bargains.

    Case in point: “The price of lobster and seafood at large has shot up in recent years, and the price to lobster fishermen at the docks increased by about 60% last year,” CBS News reports. Some high-end eateries stopped listing lobster prices on menus, so they didn’t have to keep reprinting menus. For folks who are passionate about lobster, this news is crushing.

    Instead of dropping $100 per plate for a lobster dinner …

    …get to Belize ASAP where the 2022 Lobsterfest will be in full swing on the Placencia peninsula between July 15th to July 17th and where shortages are as unheard of as high prices. Where to stay? At Laru Beya Resort on the ultra-popular Placencia peninsula, a year-round favorite destination for folks seeking the best beaches in Belize while indulging in their favorite seafood each July.

    Can you get away immediately? Laru Beya discounts on the All Inclusive Package will whet your appetite as much as the idea of dining on lobster nonstop throughout your vacation. Sound yummy? It gets better. This getaway can improve your health, too.

    placencia lobsterfest 2022

    Feed your soul and body

    According to Healthline, “Nutrients in lobster may offer beneficial effects for heart and mental health and weight loss. They may even help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.” Packed with protein, lobster’s high selenium content boosts immunity, especially in people suffering from autoimmune thyroid diseases. Pair your consumption of this protein-rich seafood with a vacation and you can use Lobsterfest 2022 as your self-prescribed health and wellness escape.

    How to maximize your experience? Ask your Laru Beya host for a list of Lobsterfest activities scheduled throughout your stay and prepare to make choices or just show up for everything. The stretch of coast next to Placencia’s municipal pier morphs into one long party filled with live music, mini-events like a kayak race, cast net competition, and full-day fishing tournament, 50+ booths with food, arts, and drinks along the famous sidewalk and Placencia beachfront. And we’re offering a daily shuttle to Placencia Lobsterfest from Laru Beya at a price that won’t break your budget. There’s more, but you get the picture, right?

    Placencia Lobsterfest

    Turn your resort savings into fun escapades

    Having taken advantage of Belize’s absence of crowds and savings by booking a discounted vacation, why not pair Lobsterfest activities with unforgettable adventures? The 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula is your gateway to fun and excitement as evidenced by the variety of adventure tours on the Laru Beya menu.  In Belize, we don’t have farm raised lobster. All lobsters are caught free-diving on the reef and you can catch a glimpse see these critters in the wild on Laru Beya’s snorkeling trips. So take advantage of the Best of Belize Adventure Add-On for a chance to see lobster hiding in the coral when you go snorkeling!

    Of course, you may belong to the select group of travelers for whom resort amenities like Laru Beya’s swimming pool, complimentary kayaks, bicycles, and golf cart rentals are all the diversity you need, but keep in mind the objective of your trip: lobster consumption.

    After a two-year, COVID-prompted hiatus, Lobsterfest is expected to be the most fabulous one yet, and given your discounted resort rate, can you afford to say no? Laru Beya Resort may look big but it’s truly a small, boutique hotel that fills quickly, so you’ll want to book now – before someone else gobbles up your digs and your share of lobster!


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