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  • Perfect Placencia Belize Honeymoon

    You rely upon guides to keep your life on track, but who wants to read a book? Our guide gets to the heart of the matter, so you don’t have to, busy couple!

    Guides may have helped you pick the right job. Stage the perfect dinner party. Choose gifts for folks who are picky. Given the role guides play in everyday life, doesn’t your upcoming honeymoon deserve its own guide—especially if you’re eager for a tropical getaway that is as far from ordinary as it gets?

    It’s no secret that Belize has been crowned the ultimate Caribbean honeymoon destination and the amount of press coverage devoted to promoting this nation has recently begun to focus on an area of Belize that is fast becoming a mecca for lovers: Placencia Belize. This peninsula may be only 16-miles long, but when it comes to variety and beauty, you’ll see it as being so much bigger.

    10 Steps to a heavenly Placencia Belize Honeymoon

    1. Pick the best resort on the peninsula for your dream honeymoon: Lara Beya Resort.

    2. Consider Belize all inclusive honeymoons as your best choice so no detail is left to chance. Laru Beya packages are awesome.

    3. Do your homework. Learn about Placencia and Belize.

    4. Pack. This website can help you with that, but if you want more advice, this article published by The Knot will help.

    5. Get your travel documents sorted. You’ll need valid passports, return tickets and sufficient funds to cover your stay. Here’s where Laru Beya hosts are indispensable: if you’ve concerns about documents, call either of these toll-free numbers and ask for help: +1-800-329-2528 or +1-800-890-8010.

    Placencia Belize Honeymoon Guide

    6. Settle into your luxury digs after one of the shortest plane rides ever. Newlyweds tend to find themselves speechless upon opening the door to their honeymoon nest. Laru Beya lodgings are that breathtaking.

    7. Take advantage of the romantic experiences included in your package; a private romantic dinner on an evening you select, the sunset cruise or couples massage. You truly can’t make a bad choice from this list.

    8. Book tours that sound like fun: Nim Li Punit Maya Ruin and tropical spice farm tour on Monday, Barrier Reef snorkeling and island hopping adventure on Tuesday or Friday, zipline over a jungle canopy followed by either a waterfall hike or river tubing trip on Wednesday, saving Thursday for a Monkey River boat cruise and jungle hike.

    9. Walk, bicycle or borrow a golf cart to visit the nearby villages of Seine Bight and Placencia so you grab your share of local culture, pick up souvenirs and get to know the friendliest people on earth, each of whom speaks English.

    10. Say goodbye to the best of all Belize honeymoon resorts. You’ll have a few hours to make the transition from honeymooners to old married couple on the plane and you won’t be the first couple to realize that you left pieces of your hearts behind at Laru Beya!

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