Beachfront accommodations in Belize

Laru Beya Resort: Where Comfort and Relaxation Meet in Placencia Belize

Are you aware of the fact that the moment you relax, what researchers call “an awareness of comfort” immediately impacts the body and the mind? It’s a phenomenon that led four Japanese researchers to an important study that wound up being included in the U.S. National Institutes of Health archives recently. What happens to you when you relax? If your answer is “I can’t recall,”…

Last Minute Belize Vacation Deals

Best Deals Ever for Your Spontaneous Belize Vacation

Are you willing to admit that you’re cautious when it comes to making important decisions? It’s not a bad trait to possess and it’s likely to have kept you out of trouble! But perhaps you’re at a point in life where being more spontaneous feels right, especially if your skill at managing your finances allows you enough freedom to make last-minute plans that offer you…

belize in march

Belize: The Most Amazing Place to Go in March 2023

“March” to the Beat of Your Own Drum in Placencia, Belize You survived January. Put up with February. By March, you’re desperate to abandon your coat but winter continues on. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered: A March holiday in Placencia Peninsula, Belize. According to mental health experts, symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)—a type of depression—tend to start in October and, in some…

Laru Beya is Placencia Belize’s Top Resort

Laru Beya is Placencia Belize’s Top Resort, Say Tripadvisor Travelers

Word of mouth has been buzzing about Placencia, Belize, and its wonderful resorts. After reading stellar reviews from guests on Tripadvisor, travelers have been narrowing down their destination choices to this beautiful location. Laru Beya Resort is a locally owned and managed resort in Belize that is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its guests. The resort puts a great deal of…

Placencia Lobsterfest

Calling All Lobster Fans: Lobsterfest is Coming. Will You Be There?

Nobody is keeping track of the number of tourists who purposefully flock to Belize every July to don a lobster bib, watch normal adults dress up in lobster costumes and devoting a portion of their visit to worshipping the crustacean considered the king of seafood. The liveliest celebrations will be found on the Placencia Peninsula this year, between July 14th and July 16th. You needn’t…

Belize Ecotourism

7 Benefits of a Belize Ecotourism Experience

Where to start your Belize journey? On the Placencia peninsula, where ocean and lagoon coasts offer a true education in marine ecology. In terms of location, visitors couldn’t find a more eco-friendly place to stay than Laru Beya Resort where you can count on these 7 ecotourism benefits. 1. Sojourn at a location dedicated to the preservation of a vast array of life forms. From…

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Top Reasons Why A Belize All-Inclusive Is A Perfect Family Trip

Think you need a getaway? Your kids may need one more! Everything about their lives was transformed during COVID and trying to deal with sequestration, home learning and an absence of in-person relationships impacted just about every child on the planet. Further, we don’t have to convince you of the merits of family trips, right? Think of them as an investment instead of an expenditure….

Belize Winter Travel

The Best Belize Destination For A Winter Vacation In 2023

We want you to know that we hear your wish for a winter vacation in the Caribbean loud and clear. It’s a great way to usher in 2023. We’ve also heard you dashing your own enthusiasm because your boss expects you to show up for work. Have you considered making your first New Year’s Resolution a winter escape to the sun because you’re pretty sure…

Belize Christmas Vacation

It Is Not Too Soon To Book Your Belize Christmas Vacation

According to folks at Lifeway Research, YouGov tracking polls asking Americans which holiday is their favorite are noticing a major change of late. “Thanksgiving has overtaken Christmas as the most beloved holiday in the United States,” according to a national study reflecting the opinions of myriad age groups at the end of last year.  Further, there’s been an uptick in popularity polls when respondents were…

Placencia Belize vacation

Find Pure Relaxation in Placencia Belize

According to wellness experts at the Mayo Clinic, pure relaxation benefits your mind and body so many ways, you may not need an excuse to pursue it more often! The moment you begin relaxing, these benefits flow your way: Your heart rate slows Blood pressure drops Your breathing rate settles down Improved digestion begins Blood sugar levels return to normal Hormone-induced stress attacks stop You’ll…