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    Journalist Francesca Street probably got more than the usual number of hits when her article ran on the CNN website beneath this title: “How to Plan a Group Vacation Without Everyone Hating Each Other”! If you’ve felt similarly fearful each time you consider taking the lead on a group trip to the Caribbean, Street suggests following her advice, all of which is based on her own group travel getaways.

    • Be purposeful when issuing invitations. Bringing together people who don’t know each other could be disastrous while folks who have vacationed together in the past are more likely to get along.
    • Set a reasonable budget and insist on sticking to it. Street cites Chelsea Dickenson, founder of Cheap Holiday Expert, who recommends creating “a questionnaire for your friends” to help avoid budget spats despite the fact that you’ve all agreed to split every cost evenly. The Splitwise app can help with that.
    • Choose a Caribbean destination that specializes in group arrangements. Laru Beya Resort, on the lush Placencia peninsula, is a perfect choice because the location is ideal and there are three-bedroom family suites available that sleep up to 8 guests.
    • Save big bucks with Laru Beya’s All Inclusive Package that bundles digs, meals, onsite amenities, and more.
    • Your group may wish to tack on a Best of Belize Add-On or decide to stick to onsite amenities.
    • Master the art of balance. Planning is great. Allowing room for spontaneous opportunities requires enough flexibility in your group’s dynamic to allow for surprises and unexpected discoveries.
    • Agree to settle disputes when they arise. Even one person’s bad mood can overshadow a fun shared experience.
    • Importantly, cherish every moment of your stay. These friends will be in your life long after this vacation comes to an end, and every member of your group benefits from bringing home awesome memories of a fun and successful sojourn.

    Group Vacations All Inclusive Belize

    Why plan your trip to Laru Beya now? For these reasons and more

    You can take your group trip any time before December 18, 2024, if you book immediately and qualify for Laru Beya’s current $80 per day discount deal. Your friends will appreciate you for unearthing this special, so do take all credit! Remember that planning is half the fun and offers great excuses for pre-trip get-togethers to share vacation aspirations over cocktails. These meet-ups are ideal times to exchange tips to avoid over-packing or duplicating items that can be shared.

    Additionally, getting discounts on flights to Belize is easier when you build time into your travel equation, and sharing thoughts about which activities to book is easy when everyone browses this Laru Beya website page to see which adventures appeal to everyone in your group. Sound like the resort, the vibe, and the destination that will appeal to everyone on your group invite list? If so, you’ll also understand why many groups have made return trips to Laru Beya their annual tradition!

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