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  • Placencia Belize Eco-Tourism

    You’re not alone if the appeal of the great outdoors is powerful during the winter months when getting out and about can be a challenge. There’s a way to escape the worst of it and have your fill of outdoor fun: Head to Belize where experiencing Mother Nature’s world can do more for your spirit than a roaring fire and piles of quilts. Belize temperatures are mild year-round, thus planning a trip has been known to warm up the coldest northerner.

    Where to go in Belize to experience the best in outdoor exploration plus opportunities to have your fill of eco-friendly cultural experiences? Only one area can satisfy both cravings: The Placencia Peninsula, a unique, easily navigable, and fascinating finger of land that gives you access to so many Belize wonders, you’ll provoke the envy of your friends when you share the news!

    Make this your green and blue getaway

    The impact of sky, surf, and vegetation on the body and emotions is a topic that’s become a favorite for writers contributing to health journals and psychology publications. Simply contemplating the blue of the Caribbean Sea delivers health benefits that flood mind and body. Paired with blue skies, a calm state of mind is one of the benefits Belize visitors enjoy from the moment they arrive.

    Add the peninsula’s proximity to jungle, forest, and other green havens and find out why North Americans who move to Placencia Belize joke that being surrounded by this much blue and green can often make it impossible to do anything more than contemplate the magic of the universe!

    In addition to a profusion of green landscaping and the Caribbean shoreline, Placencia is a rich cultural hub that so fully entertains and delights visitors, many of them fall in love with this 16-mile-long stretch of verdant land, and even decide to move there. How diverse is Placencia’s cultural vibe? This nation’s population mix is made up of Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Chinese, East Indian, European, Mennonite, and so many Afro-European societies, if you look in a dictionary under the words “melting pot,” there’s a chance you’ll find a Belize map there!

    Placencia Belize Eco-Tourism

    Where to stay to fully experience the peninsula?

    Laru Beya Resort, perched at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, gives guests access to the entirety of the peninsula, home to the warmest people you’ve ever met and there are endless things to do. Rimmed by two languid beaches, tourists love visiting the tranquil lagoon side where manatees reside in calm waters.

    Placencia is home to three towns, Seine Bight, Maya Beach, and Placencia Village. Visitors especially love Placencia Village where browsing shops and boutiques and frequenting pubs, making guests grateful to have chosen Laru Beya’s All Inclusive Package so they’re free to roam without worrying about where they’ll sleep.

    Travel now, and there’s a fabulous last-minute deal that adds affordability to an already splendid visit. Read about it here, and if you can make it happen, don’t feel guilty about leaving everyone back home stoking that fireplace and waiting out the coming of Spring!

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