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  • Black Friday Offers in Placencia Belize

    Scholars at Atlanta’s Georgia Tech University delved into a topic that few academic institutions have attempted: The origins of the term “going viral.” Their discovery, that going viral has been around for more than 120 years, came about as the result of access to databases covering more than 10 million newspaper pages.

    The first example? Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan’s 1896 Democratic National Convention speech. His words spread like wildfire, say researchers. “You really get a sense for how ideas went viral during that time in history.” The practice of spreading news at warp speed grew stronger, and one of the best examples dates to the 1950s when Black Friday—fueled by newspaper coverage—emerged as a blockbuster idea.

    Even nations that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving stage Black Friday events, and the tourism industry is no exception. In keeping with this tradition, Belize’s Laru Beya Resort offers you a Black Friday deal that you will call irresistible: Book a 3+ night stay that includes the property’s all-inclusive package between November 20, 2023, and December 5, 2023, and get a reward that’s sweeter than pumpkin pie on turkey day: An additional day that’s free!

    Come now or come later; you choose!

    Black Friday Deals
    Laru Beya Resort’s current Black Friday deal not only treats you to a longer getaway, but the money you save can go toward your airfare or a Best of Belize Adventure add-on that’s filled with excitement and fun. Of course, your ability to grab these extras depends upon how quickly you respond because there are a limited number of accommodations at this Placencia Peninsula property. Once they’re all filled, you’re out in the cold.

    Here’s news you’ll applaud: If you book right now and agree to the terms associated with this Black Friday deal, you can take your vacation later in the year.  Or come now! As long as you’re treating yourself to a year-end getaway, every single day at the resort is a bonus. That stated, you must book directly. Find all the details on the Black Friday Deal page.

    Create your own history during your Caribbean escape

    Even folks who have no desire to spend their tropical sojourn engaging in watersports, Maya ruin expeditions, rainforest, and jungle treks, plus other tours that introduce visitors to this engaging nation, there’s so much to do onsite at Laru Beya that you can have an amazing time just hanging out.

    Resort amenities include the freshwater swimming pool, kayaks, Hobi catamarans, bicycles, rental golf carts and opportunities to shop nearby Placencia, a charming village filled with fascinating shops. Sound like the deal you crave that also gives you a reason to put your winter blues on the back burner? As you can imagine, this special began going viral since it was announced, so what are you waiting for? Grab your free day in the sun. You’ll never look at Black Friday opportunities the same way again!

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