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  • Located in Southern Belize, the peninsula of Placencia has some of the country’s most beautiful and spectacular beaches and these together with a vast array of inexpensive and comfortable accommodations make it an ideal vacation destination. Placencia Village is also a perfect base to explore many of the top attractions in southern Belize. Below we have compiled the best Placencia tours you must do while vacationing in this beautiful peninsula:

    Monkey River Tour

    Reach Monkey River by taking a boat 12 miles along the coast and through the mangroves — see if you can spot manatees in the mangrove area. Next stop is the small village of Monkey River from where the boat floats upriver into the jungle. A guide explains the flora and fauna and points out boa constrictors, iguanas, crocodiles, and deer . The tour concludes with a hike through the jungle in search of howler monkeys and lunch in Monkey River village. All the tour guides based in Placencia, including Laru Beya Beach Resort, can arrange the Monkey River tour.

    Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

    This day tour takes you to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, an hour’s drive from Placencia in the Maya Mountains. The wildlife sanctuary is home to a jaguar reserve and while you may not see these nocturnal animals you will spot their signs. The wildlife sanctuary also features a number of hiking trails taking tour groups through the jungle to waterfalls and streams. Wildlife to spot includes iguanas, deer, and numerous bird species.

    Explore Maya Temple Tours from Placencia Belize

    For a touch of history, take a tour of ancient Maya temple sites. The ruins of Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun are around two hours away from Placencia by boat across the lagoon and minibus along the Southern Highway. These sites were once city-states of the Maya empire and your guide tells you stories from Mayan times and informs you of the history surrounding the ruins.

    Placencia Fishing Tours

    Laru Beya Beach Resort organizes fly-fishing and saltwater-fishing tours from Placencia. We also arrange spin cast fishing, trolling, drop-fishing, or hand-line fishing tours from the base in Placencia Village. Tours include lunch, fishing gear, and a guide.

    Placencia Diving & Snorkeling Tours

    Placencia lies in close proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-longest reef in the world. Our dive shop takes visitors on dive and snorkeling tours from Placencia. Snorkeling destinations include Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Silk Caye, Ranguana Caye, and Inner Caye, and take a half or full day. In March through June, whale sharks visit the area at Gladden Split and tours take you to swim, dive and snorkel among them. The dates change every year as the whale shark migration changes.

    Placencia Sailing Tours

    On top of the water, Placencia Tours takes you on a sailboat through the Caribbean Sea. Visit deserted cayes, snorkel and swim in the clear waters, and cruise through the sunset in peace. A number of local skippers offer day sails and overnight tours in a variety of boats.

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