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  • Belize Fall Vacations

    If you’re a frequent visitor, you already know that there is no “bad season” to vacation in Belize. Come down in the summer and you’ll be rewarded with small crowds, money-saving deals, and no queues at attractions. Given today’s weather reports, the weather in Belize could feel downright comfy compared to temperatures in your area.

    Spring in Belize marks an end to Central America’s “dry season,” which is no big deal to folks who come with the intention of spending most of their time engaging in the water sports for which the nation is known.

    The rain falls. Stops abruptly. Engaged tourists tend to be so intrigued by amazing sites, they don rain parkas on the fly. Fall and winter? They’re sublime. Especially if you’ve picked the Placencia peninsula as your destination and Laru Beya Resort is your hideaway.

    Two seasons and lots of reasons to explore Belize

    Having chosen this languid finger of land to encamp during any month that falls within either season, you couldn’t possibly see, do, taste, and try everything that’s put before you by your Laru Beya host–unless you plan to stick around for the three months encompassing either season. But if you can’t get away that long, prioritize these reasons for making Placencia and Laru Beya your Fall or Winter playground:

    • Get your snorkel on with Laru Beya’s Best of Belize Adventure Add-on. Even in winter, temperatures rarely fall below 60 degrees F by night and days are warm enough to survey shallow waters where untold treasures are scattered along the ocean floor.
    • Dive the can’t-miss Belize Barrier Reef. It’s open for exploration throughout fall and winter and you could catch glimpses of marine creatures that only stick around the reef during these seasons.
    • Treat yourself to adventures of the fishy kind by taking fly, reef, and shallows fishing expeditions under the watchful eye of a guide who knows exactly where they’re biting at the time you visit.
    • Explore ancient Maya ruins. There are 900 in Belize so do limit yourself! If above-ground palaces, cities, and pyramids don’t do it for you, caves tucked along the shoreline will–especially if you wander caves once used as ceremonial centers by Maya priests.
    • Explore Belize jungle and wildlife preserves. Book treks to waterfalls and rivers that snake along banks where you’ll be greeted by Howler monkeys. These tours—and more—are detailed on the Laru Beya menu.

    Fall Vacations Belize

    Money-saving packages make both seasons affordable

    Don’t let talk of “high season” prices scare you from booking a Fall or Winter vacation at Laru Beya. All inclusive Belize vacation packages allow you to design your stay so artfully, that your budget and your vacation interests will both be served. It gets better. Browse current Laru Beya specials to save more.

    Who says Fall and Winter rates in the tropics are over the top? Once you discover either season in Belize, you’re going to be hooked for so many more reasons, we’re happy to add them to our list!

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