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    It’s sad but true: Today’s child is exposed to so much media and stimulation, getting them to sit down with a book has become mission impossible.

    How does a parent compete with Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and Marvel superheroes? By taking youngsters on a short plane ride to Belize where thrills come at the rate of 10 a day. No parent complains that they’ve gotten no alone time after their brood passes out following thrilling days of activity.

    Belize is fast becoming a family activity epicenter and the place to headquarter for the ultimate in wildlife adventures is Laru Beya Resort where luxury meets every standard a parent could set for beauty, space, and amenities.

    Oh, the places you’ll go!

    With apologies to Dr. Seuss, we felt obliged to borrow this phrase because it so aptly describes what parents and children find when they consider a Belize wildlife experience. First, since Belize is about the size of Vermont, it’s possible to travel anywhere within the nation’s boundaries without hearing the eternal question once: “Are we there yet?”And because you’ll stay at Laru Beya, where adventure packages are designed just for impatient minds and active spirits, you’ll find family budget-pleasing rates, particularly during summer months when crowds disappear but the animals never do!

    From bird sightings to manatee and jaguar spotting, Belize remains a nation that is relatively unspoiled, so while some travelers limit their wildlife spotting to the Belize Zoo, families want the kids to see animals in their natural habitats, and there are plenty of them to be visited.

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    6 experiences for your family’s “don’t miss” list

    1. See the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
    As the world’s first jaguar preserve, this is also a haven for birds and home to deer, wildcats and tapir. Kids can search for jaguar tracks while parents bask in natural wonders like waterfalls and gorgeous vistas.

    2. Sail down Monkey River 
    They’re everywhere along the river and your kids are likely to hear monkey talk before they spot Howler Monkeys living in the trees along the banks of this waterway. A stop at Monkey River Village is a must.

    belize active family vacations
    3. Try zip lining 
    Try it; you’ll like it. Teens have been known to say that the excitement they experience as they sail over the forest canopy tethered to safety gear is “far cooler than any video game on a play list”!4. Go river tubing
    Family members of all ages settle into roomy inner tubes and float into the entrance of a mysterious cave where ancient Maya rituals once took place. It’s just spooky enough to boost imaginations and curiosity.

    5. Visit palaces, ballfields and sacred spots once the home of the Mayan civilization. These spectacular sites were once home to ancient people whose sophisticated societies remain a topic of fascination today.

    belize wildlife vacations for families

    6. Hike the rainforest 
    From treetops to exotic plants, there’s something to see everywhere, so don’t be surprised if you return to your Laru Beya digs that night and hear your kids say, “This was way better than any Disney film you’ve ever taken us to!”
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