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    It’s fashionable to plan ahead these days. When it’s time to sort out your holiday plans, our tips can save you money so you vacation like royalty.

    Abby Hayes spends her days urging people she doesn’t know to prioritize vacations with family members before the kids grow up so they don’t end up feeling guilty for missing out.

    But, you say, who has the money? Abby, a contributor, always proffers this response: “Can you afford not to take a vacation?”

    She knows the answer and so do you. Family vacations are essential for everyone’s mental health. How can you put a price on strengthening family bonds?

    The secret to having your vacation and paying for it too is actually no secret: Find deals that are too sweet to ignore so you don’t wind up being one of the statistics Abby wrote about when 74 percent of her survey respondents said that “they’d gone into debt to pay for a vacation.”

    Does this sound familiar? It’s time for a change.

    Budgeting tips you can’t afford to ignore

    Yes, you can take a vacation that won’t land you in debt purgatory—as long as you take sensible steps that turn you from neophyte into savvy travel guru. Employ these 5 tips and see how easy it is to stick to the plan.

    #1: Set a maximum budget based on the amount you can afford to set aside each month. For example, if you only want to spend $3,000 on your vacation, put aside about $250 a month during the year. Need a template? Try this resource.

    #2: Pick an affordable destination. We recommend Belize because that’s exactly why tourism has exploded within this small nation—and it helps that it’s just a couple of hours away by plane, too.

    #3: Used aggregators to find the best airline deals. So many airlines now fly nonstop from the U.S. and Canada, you’ll have many choices and may even be able to use frequent flyer miles.

    #4: Do your homework. Learn about Belize on the Internet and find exciting things to see and do during your stay at affordable prices. Start here: Belize Adventure Tours & Activities.

    #5: Don’t be foolish and book a la carte. All inclusive resorts like Laru Beya may offer room only rates, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer packages to suits all budgets. The resort even holds contests to give vacations away.

    affordable belize vacations

    Why choose Laru Beya?

    Your mom meant well when she told you that “good things always come in small packages”! Obviously, she never vacationed in Belize where posh destinations like Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula belie money-saving deals the property offers year-round.

    Our Belize all inclusive packages are awesome. Get your accommodations, meals and unlimited local alcoholic beverages by booking the resort’s basic package or upgrade so you get more perks.

    Here’s the best part of taking the family on an affordable Laru Beya getaway: You get to send home photos of your holiday with this caption: “Can you believe we stayed here on a shoestring budget?” Prepare to be besieged by friends eager to know your secret.

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