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  • Black Friday Travel Deals

    Raise your hand if, in your opinion, Friday is the best day of the week. You’re in great company. Fridays are so beloved by people around the world, the phrase “TGI Friday!” has been added to dictionaries to indicate the delight with which people of all ages look forward to the last business day of the week.

    But only one Friday per year is anticipated by shoppers who consider themselves marathoners: Black Friday. The enthusiasm with which Black Friday is anticipated has gone global and if you’d like to make the day after Thanksgiving a truly thankful one, snag a Black Friday deal that can take up to $850US off a Belize beach getaway!

    Fridays will be anything but black if you act fast

    Laru Beya Beach Resort, perched on the edge of the Caribbean, is Belize’s version of paradise. If you’d like to experience the ultimate tropical getaway—and save money, too—the resort’s Black Friday deal will rock your world. To take advantage of a discount, book during the window of November 21, 2022 – December 6, 2022, but your vacation travel can be any time between November 21, 2022, and December 18, 2023.

    What’s on your calendar between now and December 18, 2023? A special occasion, perhaps? This Black Friday promotion gives you a great excuse to celebrate at a location that’s laid-back and fun. Check out the deal details and you’ll agree.

    Belize Black Friday Travel Offers

    Icing on your vacation cake!

    For those who were raised to believe that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch,” you’ll be tempted to revise your assumption the moment you review the extremely generous discounts given to vacationers snagging this Black Friday deal via a Belize all inclusive package that rewards you for the length of your sojourn:

    •Stay 3 nights; get US$400 off
    •Stay 4 nights; get US$550 off
    •Stay 5 nights; get US$650 off
    •Stay 6 nights; get US$750 off
    •Stay 7+ nights, get US$850 off

    The package at the center of this deal

    If you’re new to all inclusive packages, you’ll quickly become a convert once you review all of the perks you’ll receive: Accommodations, shuttles and flights on arrival and departure days, free Wi-Fi, amenities that include kayaks, Hobie cat, bicycles, the pool, three meals daily, and unlimited local bar beverages are all included.

    Further, there’s a mind-blowing list of Belize tours you can add that will convince you a longer stay is best. Skeptical? Don’t be. Visit the website to book your stay once you pick dates by December 6, 2022, using the code BLACKFRIDAY.

    It’s wise to read the small print associated with this offer because the popularity of this special could fill the resort’s reservation log at the time you most want to travel, so grab your calendar and a Sharpie. This getaway deserves a bold pen to mark your travel dates and the money you saved thanks to your immediate action!

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