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  • Belize Winter Travel

    We want you to know that we hear your wish for a winter vacation in the Caribbean loud and clear. It’s a great way to usher in 2023. We’ve also heard you dashing your own enthusiasm because your boss expects you to show up for work. Have you considered making your first New Year’s Resolution a winter escape to the sun because you’re pretty sure your boss will say yes when you inform him about your new business mindset? What behavior must you change to prove you can work efficiently away from the office? Quit “toggling” and start packing a swimsuit and sunglasses for your working getaway.

    Never heard of the term toggling?

    Toggling refers to business sorts who have so much software on their devices, they feel like they’re working 24/7 and spending much of that time going back and forth between programs. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) was one of the first business authorities to profile this trend. HBR researchers found that “workers are switching from app to app, website to website, nearly 1,200 times a day. That so-called “toggling tax” amounts to a total of 9% of an employee’s annual work year.” Wouldn’t you like to change this behavior?

    If you had no clue toggling even existed, consider this your wake-up call. How to stop the madness? In addition to wangling a working vacation this winter, learn to practice “digital dexterity” during your “bleisure” getaway in 2023. Your boss will recognize your cleverness for thinking out of the box and be more receptive to your request.

    Winter is better in Belize

    Given the distance between North America and Belize, you’re assured of arriving at your destination in fine fiddle after a short port-to-port plane ride. No masks, vaccination cards, or tests are required to enter the country, and everyone speaks English, a perk you’ll find especially useful if stay at Laru Beya Beach Resort on the Placencia peninsula.

    Work from your tropical accommodations, poolside, from a chaise lounge on the beach, or anywhere else that suits your fancy. Prove your efficient nature by selecting the Belize all inclusive packages that take care of lodgings, meals, plus onsite amenities, and transit to and from the Placencia airport.

    Belize Winter Vacations

    Non-toggle rewards are plentiful

    Having eliminated all of that toggling back and forth between apps, you’ll find time to add any of the Laru Beya add-ons that target your specific recreational interests. But if tours aren’t your thing, there are lots to do at the resort, including the beach, pool, kayaks, bikes, rental golf carts, access to Placencia Village for shopping and dining and so much more.

    Further, devoting yourself to getting things done deserves a reward and we have it on good authority from harried executives that spa services delivered by trained Laru Beya professionals make the ideal compensation for reformed togglers who have given this unnecessary activity up for all the right reasons!

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