re booking your belize vacation

What To Know About Re-booking Your Belize Vacation

Consider Re-Booking Your Belize Vacation at Laru Beya You’ve been through a nightmare during the last eight months — Covid scare; sequestering; your life turned upside down. Now, you’re ready for a getaway. But you’re concerned about your health and wonder about airline flights. Here’s good news: you can relax and consider re-booking your Belize vacation at Laru Beya Resort on the beautiful Placencia peninsula….

belize on a budget

Belize is for Budgeters Who Won’t Compromise on Luxury

It’s fashionable to plan ahead these days. When it’s time to sort out your holiday plans, our tips can save you money so you vacation like royalty. Abby Hayes spends her days urging people she doesn’t know to prioritize vacations with family members before the kids grow up so they don’t end up feeling guilty for missing out. But, you say, who has the money?…