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  • Placencia Peninsula Belize

    The word gateway is fraught with symbolism and applies to so many aspects of our lives, it’s a wonder we don’t use it often. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says that gateways allow us to achieve desired goals, while techies are more likely to refer to a gateway when trying to explain a network node that connects two communications protocols.

    Those who consider themselves religious point to the New Testament and a passage from the book of John that equates the word with heaven: “For Christ the Lord is a low gateway: he who enters by this gateway must humble himself.” Could these three explanations be any more diverse?

    Seasoned travelers are more likely to accept the Cambridge Dictionary definition as an opportunity to pass through a metaphorical gateway that allows them to enter new society where every aspect of that nation’s natural resources, cultural wonders, and exotic societies, are revealed. For those seeking the ultimate travel gateway, board a plane in North America travel a few hours to Belize. Entering this gateway—even for a short stay—can be transformative.

    Why, where, and when?

    Journalists ask these questions every day, so we’ll cut to the chase and explain that reasons to vacation in Belize include access to a spectacular array of natural wonders thus there is no bad time to come down. As to where, that’s a no-brainer; The Placencia Peninsula, a 16-mile-long parcel of land offering the consumate Caribbean experience, and home to the best place to stay: Laru Beya Resort.

    This tropical haven is a sanctuary for guests filling their days with local attractions, and staffers can’t be surpassed in terms of their warm, welcoming spirit. Lodging at Laru Beya offers guests an All Inclusive Package that is a gateway unto itself: Once selected, everything is taken care of so you’re free to fill your days with fun and adventures.

    Belize adventure travelCultural delights and adventures

    Being offered a wealth of things to do, see, hear, and eat, you might need recommendations and these are some of the “not-to-miss” Placencia experiences:

    • Snorkel and dive nearby coral reefs and southern cays.
    • Experience the difference between the Caribbean and lagoon sides of the peninsula.
    • Take a Monkey River Tour to meet the hemisphere’s most loquacious primates.
    • Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the world’s only Jaguar preserve.
    • Tour local Maya ruins that range from majestic pyramids to breathtaking cities.
    • Find out why this area’s food scene has made Placencia a magnet for gourmands.
    • Spend time on what’s considered the best beaches in Belize.

    You would need a relatively long vacation to see everything, which is why folks come back repeatedly and they always stay at Laru Beya. Does it get any better? The answer is, of course! Current specials can save you money if your timing is right, so do read all about these offers before you book, and consider this your opportunity to craft a new gateway into your budget, too!

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