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  • Placencia Belize Events

    If you’re currently emulating Santa Claus by making a list and checking it twice, you know that list-making is essential to getting things done. Paula Rizzo divided list-makers into three categories. Are you a Monkey? If so, you can’t function without lists. Squirrels are creative list-makers who are happy to use envelopes, receipts, and paper towels to keep tabs on tasks. Dolphins rely on productivity and list-making apps to survive, while Tigers can barely function if they don’t create a new list every day!

    The list you need if Placencia Belize is on your radar

    Whether you want to compile a list of clothing for your trip, you’re keeping track of airline schedules, or you don’t want to leave your passport behind, make a list. You’ll also want to compile a list of not-to-miss sights, attractions, landmarks, and events for the Belize vacation on your calendar. Be sure to include all seven of these:

    1. Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival: This February 2024 event is a gathering of artisans displaying creations, but you’ll find musicians, stalls, food vendors, demonstrations, and more at this annual celebration of the arts.

    2. The 2024 Belize Chocolate Festival may not be held in Placencia in May 2024, but it’s a must-attend event that draws chocolate lovers from around the world. See what the excitement is about.

    3. What can be said about the 2024 Placencia Lobster Festival scheduled to be held on July 5th to 7th 2024 that hasn’t been said? Each year this event draws legions of seafood fans. If that describes you, it’s never too early to start planning.

    4. The September Celebrations in Placencia, Belize, offer such a diverse and frequent array of events that you’ll be eager to discover all the best places to visit and activities to enjoy during this bustling month of festivities. For a comprehensive guide on making the most of these celebrations, explore our detailed article here.

    5. If you’d like to get a head start on Garifuna Settlement Day travel plans in November 2024, read the information and three years’ worth of dates on this helpful webpage. 

    6. The epicenter of the 19th annual Battle of the Drums wasn’t Placencia, but lots of repeat visitors consider this the event of the year. Get ready to pack as soon as 2024 dates are announced.

    7. You still have time to grab a flight to Belize for the December 10, 2023 End of the World Marathon. Browse this website page and if you can’t make it now, come in 2024.

    Placencia Belize Events

    You’ll need a place to stay for these festivities and Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia Peninsula puts you squarely amid the fun. Not only does the resort’s Belize All Inclusive Package save money but your hosts will make sure you are transported to events listed above and many other celebrations. Get started. The new year is weeks away and you’ve got planning to do—especially if you intend to visit Belize more than once in 2024!

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