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  • Spanning Belize’s coastline for 185 miles is the Belize Barrier Reef with dive sites inside and outside of the reef providing countless dive locations year round.

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    With underwater visibility routinely extending hundreds of feet, and water temperatures akin to that of bath water, divers of all ages and abilities take pleasure in knowing that a dive in Belize’s waters is physically comfortable and teeming with activity.

    • At the Blue Hole near Lighthouse reef divers descend vertically along the walls of a submerged cave to weave between stalactites and stalagmites at 120-140 ft.
    • The atolls located beyond the barrier reef and heavier visitor traffic, offer combinations of patch reefs and the sheer walls of drop offs teeming with huge schools of fish.
    • Just outside the reef and before the “drop off”, look for Spur and Grove formations – narrow canyons of corals which are great for spotting grouper and the occasional emerald moray eel.
    • Drift dive along a ridge in lazy pursuit of a spotted drum fish, half over coral gardens and immense barrel sponges and then with a flick of the fin find yourself suspended in the bottomless blue of the drop off.
    • Inside the reef, patch reefs are covered with hundreds of brightly colored fish and coral species.
    • For something a little different, try snorkeling or diving near a mangrove island “the nursery of the sea” where you are sure to find tiny barracuda, snapper and other fish whose parents you might have seen in deeper water.

    These are only a few of the choices and when you meet your dive guides, they will have their own “secret spot” to share with you!

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