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  • Belize Romantic Vacations 2020


    When anthropologist Helen Fisher researched the best ways to keep love alive, she joined other social scientists in prescribing healthy doses of alone time during romantic vacations.

    Dr. Helen Fisher didn’t set off for the South Seas islands like Margaret Mead when she committed her practice to studying more contemporary topics. One of the most delightful projects she undertook was researching romance and her findings wound up in an entertaining book called “Why Him? Why Her?”

    Why do couples fall in love? Fisher concluded that infatuation is all about brain chemicals. You may be interested in the four personality types she identified to figure out your RQ (romance quotient).

    You don’t have to be an expert at love to know that the world has a way of stressing relationships, stripping them of romance needed to keep love alive. What to do? Plan regular getaways in 2023 that refresh your passion and no destination is better equipped to do just that than the Romance Capital of the Caribbean: Belize.

    Don’t stay home if you need more romance!

    There are just too many romance-killing distractions; phones, visitors, and interruptions. Leave the U.S. and strike gold. You don’t have to go far to wind up in an exotic, romance-provoking land that won’t kill your budget if you travel to Belize. It takes only a few hours by plane to touch down, and from the moment you land, you’ll be relaxed and ready for romance.

    Where to go for the best snuggle time, weather, laid-back atmosphere, and privacy? Placencia, Belize. This peninsula has become a magnet for love birds, many of whom wouldn’t stay anywhere but Laru Beya Resort. Designed for romance, just strolling around Laru Beya’s lush environs will put you in the mood for love, and once you see your love nest, leaving your accommodations could be a struggle!

    Belize Romance Vacations

    See and do only what makes you blissful

    Since you two call all of the shots during your romantic vacation, you can design your getaway to be anything you want it to be. Take advantage of the resort’s gourmet restaurant or have meals sent to your suite. Stroll the beach, splash in the pool, or book adventures with the concierge that include deep sea fishing, rainforest tours, snorkeling expeditions, and ancient Maya ruins. The ultimate excitement? Zipline over a forest canopy.

    Simplify your Laru Beya stay by choosing a Belize all inclusive package, so everything you need and want is included in the price of your booking. Package options are exciting and filled with variety, so picking just one could be a challenge.

    What will be the most difficult aspect of your romantic sojourn to Belize? Coming home. But romantics who spend time at Laru Beya insist that the memories they collect during their time at the resort stick around long after they leave Belize and last until they return to this enchanted land on the Caribbean Sea.

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