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  • Belize Valentine's Day Getaways

    Do love and romance expire like “must use” dates on products found on grocery store shelves? Hardly, say scientists investigating the topic of love at any age.

    Sara Davidson, writing for, writes about how actress Ellen Burstyn’s mom “Met the love of her life” at age 84. “He’s a younger man,” her mom confided. “How young?” Ellen asked. “I think he’s 80,” her Mom replied.

    Stories like this prove that love and romance have no age limits, but for folks who want to make sure that new and older love survives, getting away for romantic vacations is one of the best ways to nurture a relationship. Make that a Valentine’s Day journey and your love will be invigorated tenfold — whether or not you include flowers and candy in your celebration!

    Where to go for your Valentine’s Day vacation that won’t require you to sit on airplanes for hours on end? The Placencia peninsula on Belize’s coast where lush tropical scenery, miles of sugar-white beaches, and a love nest at Laru Beya Resort guarantee the likelihood that you’ll rediscover in each other everything that attracted you in the first place. This highly-rated property is designed for intimacy and romance.

    Why Laru Beya? Everything you need and want can found within the boundaries of this remarkable resort where carefree vacationing is elevated to an art and where romance is everywhere a couple turns. From oceanfront and ocean-view suites to the property’s lush environs plus an infinity swimming pool and an inventory of bikes, kayaks, and Hobie cat sailboats that allow active guests to explore the peninsula are but a few of the reasons honeymooners and couples choose to stay at this resort.

    Belize Valentine's Day Getaways You Can’t Afford to Ignore

    Meals courtesy of the resort’s award-winning chef are extraordinary and if you would like to bundle all of these perks while paying just one price for everything you need and want, choose “The Lover’s Package” that enables you to focus on the person you love most rather than worrying that everything you do requires you to take out your wallet.

    Sound like heaven but you’re worried that despite sharing a wealth of love that largesse does not extend to your bank balance? Relax. Our staff of romantics has designed specials that are tailored to the wishes, hopes, and budgets of couples of all ages and stages of life and offer several money-saving options. Icing on the cake? In-room massages delivered by a professional masseuse can be booked for both of you.

    Age? It’s a state of mind, say, philosophers, especially when it comes to falling in love. In fact, psychologists have proven that romantic getaways not only enhance passion but they can add years to one’s life, so ask yourself this question: Can you afford not to stoke the flames of your love at the time of year when cold weather begs you to consider a Belize all inclusive vacation at Laru Beya Resort? You know the answer.

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