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    There probably won’t be any marching bands, drummers or dancers on hand when the Belize International Airport finally re-opens on October 1, 2020, but for tourists eager to take the relatively short flight to reach a place that’s tranquil, relaxing and where everyone speaks English, those festivities won’t be missed!

    While the airport won’t be set up exactly as it was before the Covid-19 arrived on Central American shores, Belize’s government and tourism groups helped put into place safeguards that ensure nobody enters the country with virus symptoms. As part of Belize’s Phase 3 reopening plan, passengers will be greeted by awareness signage, floor markings and physical distancing precautions. You’ll also have your temperature taken.

    What to expect at the Belize Airport
    Source: Belize Tourism Board

    Why celebrate the re-opening of Belize’s airport? Because you’ve put up with all manner of hardships, deprivation and lifestyle changes that you gracefully accepted in order to stay healthy. That’s why a vacation is in order for you and your family members in a sunny, tropical nation known for its hospitality and recreational treasures that include ancient Maya ruins, the world’s best diving and fishing and attractions you won’t find elsewhere — including the world’s second longest barrier reef.

    Having gone to great lengths to keep yourself safe for the past six months — and despite reassurances that the Belize airport has your health and wellbeing in mind from the moment you land — you could still have concerns about the place you choose to stay during your sojourn. We’ve got an answer sure to delight and reassure you: Laru Beya Resort re-opens to international visitors on November 5, 2020 and steps have been taken throughout the resort to make it a healthy and safe haven filled with Covid-related protocols.

    Placencia Belize Beach

    Laru Beya is just one of a select number of Belize properties awarded Tourism Gold Standard Hotel approvals, a lofty designation that means the resort has taken extraordinary measures to ensure guest health and welfare. From re-arranged public space for optimal social distancing and mandated face masks to low touch check-in/out and automated booking systems, all 9 criteria stipulated by the tourism industry have been met, as explained on this resort website page.

    Everything else about the resort remains exactly as it was before the virus arrived. Accommodations are luxurious, cuisine remains exceptional, every amenity offered by Laru Beya before the pandemic hit remains in place — especially the resort’s all inclusive Belize vacation packages that make everything easy. There’s more. Check out these Belize vacation specials and deals. Irresistible, right?

    Because the resort is small, once November 5th arrives, you’ll compete with other eager travelers for the property’s finite number of lodgings, so once you identify the package that calls to you, make your reservation. Can you think of anyone more deserving of a sun and fun getaway that’s also safe? From airport to resort, you’ll be welcomed in style and utmost safety, so what else do you want to know before you claim your November getaway? Call our toll free number — 1-800-329-2528 — and ask away!

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