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  • Everything gold is considered the best of the best, so when the Belize government began to confer Tourism Gold Standard Hotel approval on properties, nobody was surprised that Laru Beya Resort was one of the first.

    With the subject of COVID lingering in the minds of tourists from around the world who love nothing more than vacationing in Belize, hearing the news that this luxury, beachfront resort has just received the government of Belize’s Tourism Gold Standard Hotel approval adds more positive tourism news to travelers celebrating the tourism industry’s decision to officially re-open to visitors this fall.

    This designation is no ordinary approval; it tells the world that Laru Beya Beach Resort officially passed a rigorous inspection and that it is now sanctioned by the government to host visitors from around the world. The news has given Laru Beya’s staff cause for celebration since all of the hard work they undertook to ensure new stringent standards was worth the time and effort everyone contributed to this group effort.

    What does this mean for you?

    A sense of peace and security knowing that every criteria has been met. From re-arranging public areas to ensure social distancing protocols and mandating face masks (masks do not have to be worn while swimming, eating and drinking) to a reassuring list of precautions now in place that make low touch registration possible, guests can count on low touch check-in/out and automated booking systems.

    Guests not only enjoy accommodation and dining experiences that meet nine gold-level standards, but hand-sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the property. Action plans for handling suspected cases of infection are rigorous and the resort is set up to undertake daily guest and employee health checks.

    Belize Gold Standard Hotel

    Despite a new operating philosophy, luxury reigns supreme

    Having subjected the resort to every guideline demanded by the Belize government — and, in fact, going above and beyond them — Laru Beya is proud to be one of a select numbers of properties receiving this coveted Gold designation, which establishes the resort as a tourism-safe corridor. Despite the implementation of these practices, Laru Beya’s award-winning service and wealth of amenities remain just as bountiful.

    From guest pick up and drop off services at the Placencia airport to access to the resort’s restaurant, pool and beachfront, new routines and practices now impact every level of resort life. Even recreational and cultural tours will host fewer guests, so imagine the individual attention everyone receives as a direct result of these precautions being put into place!

    While there will be a delay in the reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your plans in order for the first future date you can get away. If you’ve got questions about any aspect of your future stay, we invite you to inquire so you can receive more reassurances once you’re ready to book at

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