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  • Why You Should Travel To Belize in 2016Why you should choose Belize as a travel destination

    One of the most frequent questions travelers have when narrowing down a vacation to Belize or another destination is why choose Belize? Belize offers travelers a relaxing escape from everyday life with many different opportunities for adventure. Listed below are 10 different reasons why you should choose Belize for your next vacation destination.

    1.Perfect Spot For Relaxing

    belize vacationEveryday life can sometimes become overwhelming but planning a vacation does not have to be. Belize has vacation spots that are perfect for the individual looking to escape reality for a few days, or who is looking to go on adventures during the day and come back to a secluded ocean view room of the Caribbean Sea in the evening.

    2. Belize Offers Picturesque Views For The Adventurer

    191152033_36910ca627[1]Whether you are looking to hike with a beautiful scenic view, or you are hoping to enjoy swimming with the local marine life during a snorkeling trip, Belize simply has better scenery and views than almost anywhere else on Earth. No matter what type of adventure you are looking to enjoy, Belize ensures the background in all of your photos looks as if it is out of a dream.

    3. Secluded, Gorgeous Beaches

    Although Belize does not have as many beaches as the state of Florida, it does have naturally secluded, gorgeous beaches that are perfect for rest and relaxation. The beaches of Belize are generally uncrowded and boast crystal clear waters.

    4. Belize Mayan Ruins Are The Perfect Destination To Hike To


    Belize has Maya Ruins in every direction. These majestic pieces of history make a fun-filled hiking destination for the history buff.

    5. Incredible Wildlife To Observe

    The country of Belize has very little industrial development accompanied with a very high wildlife population. A vast tropical rainforest is left predominantly undisturbed allowing the local wildlife to truly flourish. The wildlife of Belize attracts visitors from all over the world.

    6. Belize’s Great Blue Hole

    belize blue hole
    Belize’s Great Blue Hole is located very close to the coast of Belize. The underwater cave has approximately a half mile diameter and is approximately 500 feet deep. This true natural wonder is a huge attraction in Belize for scuba divers.

    7. Scrumptious Belizean Food

    Belizean rice and beansGood food always makes a good vacation even better. The locals of Belize have the scrumptious cuisines of Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna and Creole to offer. The locals are very friendly and give travelers a truly once in a lifetime cultural experience.

    8. Belize Barrier Reef

    belize barrier reef
    Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. Snorkelers have the opportunity to not only swim within the crystal clear waters off the coast amongst the beautiful marine life, but also the opportunity to snorkel right up to the second largest barrier reef in the world.

    9. Many Different Islands To Choose From

    Whether visitors are looking for a more cultural experience, or a secluded experience, Belize has an island that is perfect to choose from.

    10. Laru Beya Beach Resort in Placencia

    belize all inclusive beach resorts placencia

    Belize is home to Laru Beya Beach Resort. This incredible beach resort located in Placencia offers guests the opportunity to explore all of Belize, or to relax in a secluded resort all from the comforts of their beachfront suite. Laru Beya has many different accommodations to offer ranging from romantic getaway suites to family friendly vacation suites.

    These are just 10 of many different reasons why Belize should be your next vacation destination. Whether you are looking for rest and relaxation from the rest of the world with your significant other, or are looking to experience a once in a lifetime family adventure, Belize has these opportunities and more to offer.

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