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    Why Students Can’t Get Enough Spring Break Fun in Belize

    Deborah J. Cohan, Ph.D. offers suggestions to parents who freak-out when “spring break” is on the horizon because they worry the kids will get in trouble. Does that describe you?

    Dr. Cohan recommends discussing all daunting topics long before the time comes to leave for spring break–from peer pressure to binge drinking. But she doesn’t mention one of the most obvious ways to make certain kids avoid trouble during their unsupervised time away from home: Pick the right destination.

    There’s so much to do and see in Belize—and the nation is just a few hours away by plane–so parents relax knowing that youngsters are in a place where everyone speaks English and there are so many fun things to do, students will be too busy to act out. That place is Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula.

    Non-stop fun awaits without leaving the resort

    Thanks to the proximity of Placencia, spring breakers needn’t roam far from luxurious digs where nobody is around to remind students to make their beds. Oceanfront suites in several styles and sizes are designed for room-sharing, so student and parent dollars stretch further. Guests discover that leaving resort grounds is optional because these diversions are all around them:

    -Taking relaxing dips in Laru Beya’s freshwater infinity pool
    -Roaming the peninsula’s stunning beaches and swimming in the Caribbean Sea
    -Playing with water toys like kayaks and Hobie cats
    -Borrowing bicycles and golf carts to tool around the resort
    -Challenging new and old friends to rounds of mini-golf
    -Staying in touch with loved ones via the resort’s Wi-fi connection
    -Dining at the Quarterback Restaurant where food is included with all packages
    -Visiting the spa for services that turn an ordinary sojourn into an extraordinary one
    -There’s even a lending library for students still interested in hitting the books!

    spring break in belizeTest your mettle in so many ways

    For students smart enough to pick the right package deals and perhaps add an extra tour or two, it’s possible to get straight As in adventure by selecting exciting challenges scheduled throughout the week.

    On Monday, score extra credits in history and anthropology by visiting ancient Nim Li Punit Maya ruins followed by an exotic spice farm tour. Spend Tuesday snorkeling and island hopping. On the following day, take the zipline challenge paired with either a waterfall hike or a more relaxing river tubing trip.

    On Thursday, jungle hikes and boat cruises are on the curriculum and because you’ve been waiting all semester to break free, get in more island hopping and snorkeling before you kiss your spring break goodbye. Laru Beya is spring breaker-friendly and staff is always ready to spring into action should a guest need something extra—especially if it’s the first time your student is away from family!

    Got your spring break dates? That’s all you need. Visit our website to make your reservation and rest assured, both parents and students will enjoy a safe, fun spring break in 2020. Ask about our Stay & Save Special to get big deals for spring break!

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