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  • The most unique, enjoyable, and memorable Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations you will ever have are waiting for you in Placencia’s Laru Beya Beach Resort. This luxury resort, set in a picture-perfect village will take your breath away. Belize is, in many ways, the crown of the Caribbean; Placencia is its jewel. This small village with its sixteen miles of perfect beach, its turquoise waters and its unending list of ways to enjoy your vacation will bring you back year after year. The December/January temperatures average 75°, but the main reasons for booking your Christmas and New Year’s vacation package must be seen to be believed.

    The wonderful cultural heritage of this tiny nation means Christmas celebrations begin in mid-December. Celebrations are shared and borrowed between the Maya, Creole and Garifuna peoples. Spanish, English and German influences are also here in abundance. Las Posadas, starting on December 16, tells the story of Mary and Joseph looking for their own accommodations. December 21st sees the start of the five-night celebration of the historic Maya Deer Dance. This is followed by the Jankunu celebration. Christmas trees are decorated, and lights are hung outside people’s houses reflecting the more usual Western traditions. Celebrants of Nacimiento, the birth of Christ, begin with Midnight Mass. In Belize it is known as Misa de Gallo.

    New Year’s Eve is a splendid affair, enjoyed as it is everywhere, when we say goodbye to the Old Year and we ring in the New.

    In addition to these celebrations, you must make time to enjoy the more usual activities. Swim in the Caribbean Sea, kayak around Laughing Bird Caye, scuba dive into the Great Blue Hole, or around and through the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Take guided tours to marvel at Mayan ruins and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

    That is if you can pull yourself away from your luxurious accommodations in Laru Beya! This spectacular resort offers amenities to suit every taste and every lifestyle. If you want a room with private balcony on which to relax in your recliner chairs and hammock it is here. Do you prefer a suite with your own kitchen? It’s here. All you need do is to tell us the size of your party. Your choice is one, two and three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom! How about a penthouse? Our one and two bedroom suites boast cathedral ceilings, full kitchens and your own rooftop Jacuzzi all with spectacular ocean views.

    Grab a hearty breakfast, a snack lunch, a quick drink or a sumptuous evening meal in our open air Quarterdeck Restaurant. Relax and enjoy the views, spoil yourself with all of the free amenities we provide and savor the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations that will call you back year after year.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Laru Beya!

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