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  • vaccinated travelers can now visit belize

    Do you chat with others about news, kids and vacations past while waiting at the airport gate? These days, those aren’t the only topics of conversation. Plenty also include the question: “Did you get the Moderna, Pfizer or J&J vaccine?” Another hot topic is destinations and you may already have heard that Belize has become the trendiest vacation spot in Central America because the country just began to admit vaccinated tourists. Would you like to be one of them?

    Belize: a Trendsetter?

    As one of the first nations to put into place practices that safeguarded guests early in 2020 when the pandemic struck, Belize pioneered measures like health checks at the airport plus Gold Standard health and safety practices mandated by government and tourism entities at the nation’s hotels, resorts and attractions.

    Because the nation was so prescient, Belize has returned to normal faster than most, thus resorts like Laru Beya on the Placencia peninsula have returned to “business as usual” to the delight of previous guests. Are you ready to occupy an adjacent hammock? Just say the word and you won’t even have to bring Covid test results because proof of vaccination is your ticket to travel. The news probably has you wondering where you stashed your swimsuit and passport!

    What to pack for your stay at Laru Beya

    Vaccinated US Travelers Can Now Visit Belize

    It’s comforting to know that you’ve chosen a resort that went above and beyond to protect the health and welfare of guests, and if that property also happens to be gorgeous, quiet and filled with onsite amenities and modern and comfortable accommodations, no wonder travelers are flocking to this resort.

    Grab a suitcase. Tuck your proof of vaccination card into your passport (it must be dated 2 weeks before you arrive) and if you intend to travel with companions who haven’t been vaccinated, they must show proof of “a negative PCR test taken within 96 hours of travel or a negative rapid antigen test taken within 48 hours of travel,” according Caribbean Journal editors.

    What else to pack? lightweight separates that keep you comfy during your stay – and if you’re the adventurous type, hiking shoes for jungle treks and Maya ruin visits are called for in addition to bug spray, an aloe soother, sunglasses and a hat to keep your head cool as you enjoy fun in the sun.

    Enjoy the best Laru Beya has to offer

    Belize Entry Requirements
    Source: BTB | Updated 3/2/2021

    If you’ve been sequestered so long, you forgot how to relax, you’re not alone – but Laru Beya staff has been trained to pamper guests so everything about your stay will be perfection. But what may win your heart and set you off on a suitcase search are the packages and specials currently available at the property.  Seeing is believing and you’re probably going to find more than one option that calls to you.

    When it’s time to leave, staff will help you meet the CDC’s 72-hour testing window requirement for returning travelers so you get home without a hassle but with bragging rights that show you just returned from a nation approved for safe travel by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Don’t be surprised if friends want to emulate you and head south – especially once they go through your Belize selfies!

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