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  • Belize Family Vacation

    Even the best kids on the planet act out on occasion and travel can trigger episodes buoyed by boredom, fear of the unknown, unfamiliar surroundings and fatigue. Put them all together and taking kids abroad for a holiday can present a challenge. But savvy parents know that the trade-off of overseas travel for kids far outweighs the inconveniences. If this is your mindset, too, our 10 tips can help your family enjoy a fabulous family vacation.

    1. Pick a destination that’s exotic, close enough to reach in a few hours and filled with wonders kids truly appreciate: Belize. Even antsy kids have been known to stay seated for the duration of the short flight!

    2. Plan to pace yourselves so the kids don’t feel overwhelmed. Belize is filled with jungles, parks, Maya ruins, caves and activities, but over planning can overwhelm kids and ruin everyone’s good time.

    3. Prepare the kids for what they’ll see and do. Visit the library, check out books on Belize, picture books about animals living in Belize and travel resources that are guaranteed to spark your kids’ imaginations.

    4. Give each child a travel backpack for their essentials. Include their personal belongings, snacks, reading material and electronic devices, if they have them.

    Family Vacations in Belize
    5. Show up early at your local airport and the Belize airport so you don’t have to rush the kids through customs, baggage areas and other check-in points.

    6. Pick a Belize resort that makes your stay effortless. Laru Beya Resort, on the Placencia peninsula, is ideal. Book an all inclusive Belize package and request a larger suite that sleeps up to 8.

    7. Take advantages of resort amenities so you don’t spend a fortune on extras! Kids love the property’s freshwater infinity pool, beachfront and walks to town. Older kids can borrow water toys and bikes. You can shuttle everyone around with a golf cart rental.

    8. Take extra precautions when kids are outside enjoying resort amenities by providing a constant supply of kid-appropriate sunscreen and water to prevent dehydration. Pair sun time with in-suite game or reading time while you check on things back home via Laru Beya’s complimentary high speed wireless Internet access.

    Toys on Belize beach

    9. Introduce your youngsters to new foods, smells, tastes and sounds. Encourage them to “take a bite” of amazing dishes served by Laru Beya’s chef. Don’t forget dessert, since chocolate is a big part of Belize’s economy and you want to help support it, right?

    10. Include bug spray and a first aid kit in your suitcase, especially if your kids seem to go through band-aids like water. Preparing for the unexpected is always a good idea. If something goes awry, this can be an invaluable lesson for your kids, too.

    Laru Beya has everything a family needs to enjoy an idyllic vacation, including package prices that won’t require you to plunder the kids’ college funds. Your reward for being picture-perfect parents? Spa services – and you choose the venue: The privacy of your suite, your balcony or on the beach. If you can think of a better win-win situation for every family member, we’d like to hear about it!

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