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  • Belize Fly Fishing

    Whether you’ve had more than your fair share of luck trolling local waters in pursuit of your biggest catch or you’re a newbie who wants to be convinced that it’s time to take a few challenges outside your home waters, how would you like to play with the big boys after taking a short airplane ride south to the Caribbean where fish you have only dreamed about fill the waters? It’s easier than you think and we’ll tell you where, how and why!

    Hooked on the idea of Belize fishing vacations?

    You should be; Belize is fast becoming a mecca of fishing for North American anglers in need of bigger thrills than those they encounter back home. In order to make sure your fishing in Belize experience goes smoothly so you can focus on your objective, stay at a Belize resort known for its fly fishing tours: Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula where visitors who like variety can fish on either the sea or lagoon side.

    What’s unique about Placencia? Everything! This finger of land offers all visitors a bounty of resources that makes vacationing in Belize a fascinating adventure. Laru Beya is not just the ideal location from which your fishing adventures can begin, but when you take fishing breaks, you’ll be able to roam Maya ruins and ceremonial caves, venture into tropical jungles and rainforests and meet charming critters, from beautiful birds and endangered jaguar to Howler Monkeys, gentle manatees and more.

    But, all you want to do is fish

    You’ll find that Laru Beya’s fly fishing tours are just what the doctor ordered for folks suffering from fishing boredom. To secure your place on the shallow flats off Belize’s small atolls and islands where visitors obey catch and release rules for bonefish, tarpon, snapper and permit – or pull in that night’s dinner – you’ll need reservations at the resort before you start cutting bait.

    Opt for one of Laru Beya’s packages that include everything you require to vacation like King Neptune. Here’s the Belize vacation package menu. Which one best matches your criteria for Belize fishing vacations? Each comes with fabulous perks that include luxe accommodations, delicious meals, onsite amenities and more.

    Once you’ve decided on the package that calls to you, ask the front desk to add the fly fishing tour to your itinerary and you’re good to go. Expert tour guides know where the fish are biting, so you could find yourself being congratulated on a Grand Slam as a result of your unique fishing techniques – and who doesn’t want an award-winning chef to clean and prepare that day’s catch for dinner?

    Belize Fishing Vacations

    Want more value for your money during your fly fishing vacation?

    Pick one of the Belize travel specials being offered to guests by the resort that will be in effect until December 18, 2021. Meet the conditions of either one, add that fishing tour to your booking and take lots of photos, in case your hometown crowd doesn’t believe a word of your fish tales!

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