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  • January Belize Vacations

    Who can afford a Belize vacation in January? That would be you. But if you don’t act fast, you could miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

    Even novice travelers know that with winter snows and year-end holidays, Caribbean resorts tend to raise their rates. It’s understandable. Folks from around the world are desperate to escape winter, so they travel south while the rest of us rely upon books and movies about tropical destinations to keep us sane until spring rates kick in.

    Sound familiar? Are you already telling people that you’re starved for sun? We would like to give you a reason to rejoice. You can afford to vacation in Belize in January 2020 because one of nation’s most beautiful resorts—Laru Beya Resort—has taken pity on northerners and just announced an exclusive 10-percent discount that can’t be ignored.

    Why Laru Beya Resort?

    This successful enterprise, sprawling along a gorgeous beachfront, has been a favorite of vacationers for years. By making a January vacation more affordable for northerners, Laru Beya staff is given the opportunity to thank guests for their loyalty. What better way to do that than by offering a 10-percent discount on accommodations or select packages—and by adding that there are no blackout dates to worry about?

    You aren’t dreaming. While some restrictions apply, you can plan the January getaway you so desperately need by contacting our Reservation Team (mention the 10OffBlog code)
    and getting in on the action right now before all of the accommodations earmarked for January guests disappear.

    You’ll be in the middle of the action

    Laru Beya Resort is located on the Placencia peninsula, the trendiest destination in Belize these days. Famous for being one of the oldest continually inhabited fishing villages in Belize, Placencia offers amazing access to all of the top attractions, including small islands that act as jumping off points for folks who want to kayak, swim, snorkel or dive in close proximity to Belize’s Barrier Reef.

    How can you say no? You’ll be located near everything that’s important, enjoy digs that are the epitome of elegance, dine at the resort’s award-winning restaurant when you’re not strolling the 16 mile-long beach and visiting local villages, and get that 10-percent discount!

    Ready for your January respite at a price you can afford? Contact our reservation staff and ask for the details that encompass this unusual discount. Dig out your bathing suit, suntan lotion and sunscreen.

    Prepare to enjoy the first month of 2020 in paradise. By the way, if you want your friends to be forever indebted to you, you may want to give them the dish on this amazing deal so they too can see how it feels to escape winter and sunbathe in January.

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