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    Why do foodies love Belizean food? Because cuisine served in this small, friendly, welcoming nation is an amalgam of cultures that has no equal elsewhere in Central America. Dishes on menus run the gamut from a beans and rice dish cooked in coconut milk to tangy bowls of ceviche and platters of conch fritters.

    These recipes offer tastes of Maya, Creole, Spanish and Mandarin cooking traditions, but melded together, they create a cuisine that’s unique. And since the nation is an agricultural hub, everything from jungle-grown herbs to cocoa plantations provide the ingredients necessary to turn everyday recipes into food meant for royalty.

    Where to find culinary nirvana even if you’re not a certified foodie? At a Placencia Belize resort restaurant that has won as many local hearts and taste buds as those of guests staying at Laru Beya Resort. Placencia Belize is already the trendiest vacation destination in Belize and Laru Beya is home to the Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar. One meal at this elegant restaurant has been known to establish this Placencia Peninsula restaurant as the favorite dining destination of both townies and tourists.

    No ordinary al fresco dining experience

    The Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar are named for the part of a ship’s upper deck (near the stern) that is always reserved for officers and important guests. This three-story, open air restaurant offers every guest sweeping views of the resort’s infinity pool and the Caribbean Sea, so the atmosphere is picture perfect, the breezes are guaranteed to whet appetites and the food is extraordinary.

    Feast your eyes on resort website images that showcase original dishes prepared by award winning chefs. Typical menu items include Creole-style nachos and empanada appetizers, tropical salads made with just-picked produce and the Quarterdeck’s dinner menu features specialties that include chipotle grilled pork chops, ribeye steaks, seafood curry, cilantro snapper, lobster in season and dishes inspired by Spanish cooking traditions. Bring a bib. You’ll need it.

    placencia restaurant and bar

    Come early to sample Quarterback libations

    Quarterback mixologists know their way around a cocktail playbook, so whether your preference is a Scotch neat, you love sampling local beers, the idea of cashew wine intrigues you or you can’t wait to be surprised by daily cocktail specials that drive this popular bar’s happy hour, ask and ye shall receive. Just don’t be surprised if you wind up sticking around longer than an hour!

    Lunch bites at the bar are equally remarkable: Order the combination Maya Platters that is a favorite of repeat guests or Mediterranean Basadillas accompanied by ice cold Belikin beer, Belize’s quintessential lager. Service is impeccable and COVID-19 protocols and practices are in place to ensure guest safety that include sanitizing surfaces frequently and upholding social distancing mandates. Read more about a dining experience unlike any you have enjoyed in the past at: The Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar.

    Ready to end your pandemic quarantine in style? Sojourn at the Laru Beya resort where current Belize discounts and vacation packages usually include dining privileges at this award-winning restaurant. Whether or not you identify yourself as a foodie, you will definitely call yourself a member of the Quarterdeck fan club where a fork, a knife and an appetite are all you need to indulge your palate at this unique culinary epicenter.

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